Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey everybody :)
I know I've been MIA, and I'm sorry. I'll be back soon!
Been thinking of a lot of you, I hope everyone is doing well!
I wanted to pop in and say Happy Valentines Day :)
This is mine and Ray's song, enjoy.


  1. Miss you...hope that you are doing okay...hugs..

  2. I'm so sorry I haven't been around :( Been so stressed, not doing so well with the weight loss... but I haven't done a "goodbye" post, because I really plan on getting back to blogging! Almost everyday I think is the day... and then it isn't...
    It means a lot that you wonderful ladies stopped by and let me know you thought of me :) Thank You! I think of all of you too! I hope you are doing well!
    Hopefully I'll get back on track soon, with everything :)

  3. Hope you're doing OK...missed hearing from you and just wanted to check in. Hope all is well!

  4. AHEM . . . I think you and I have wasted enough time over the past few months. It's time we get our heads back in the game and get our butts moving again. What do you say????

    I hope you are doing okay. I've been struggling too and gained nearly 20 lbs. Set myself back several months. Now, it's time to un-do that damage. LET'S DO THIS!!!

  5. Hi Babe!!! Thanks so much for stopping by :) I hope all is well with you, I really need to stop by and visit! Yours and the other blogs I miss so much!

    I think you are right Mama Page, time to get back on the horse... I think I am ready, thanks for that extra push!!! Let's do this!!!

  6. Make an update post, or else it seems obvious that you've given up. Prove everyone wrong and do it for your HEALTH. You have goals to reach, don't you?

  7. Oh wow. I did make an update, and I'm glad I did it before I saw this! LOL, first of all I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I started this blog for me. People who follow it understand how hard this is, and if they don't that's ok. If they don't want to be here they can leave.
    If YOU think I've given up, that is fine, I really don't care what you think ANONYMOUS ;) I sure as hell don't have to prove anything to you, that's for sure!
    Oh, and why don't you use your name? You don't have to hide, we're all adults here... I'm assuming...