Friday, October 29, 2010

R U Going to Party This Halloween???

Well if you are, BE CAREFUL!
You don't want to end up like this:
Have a Safe and Happy Weekend Everybody!!!!

I did NOT take this picture, got in in an email a couple years ago and saved it :)

Weigh Day

And the scale says...
A loss of 1.2 pounds this week
That makes my Total Loss 41.4 pounds
To be back in the green,
I have to loose .6 pounds this week. I can do that!

My Totals are pathetic...
Treadmill: 2 days
30 minutes/1.13 miles this week
Crunches: 2 days/ 185 Total

One of those weeks where I can't figure out how I lost ANY weight... but not having the car really cut down on my snacking... so that's a good thing. We have all the food we need in the house, just not much junk food lol, which worked out very good this week. I also did more housework. So even though I didn't do well on the treadmill I lost anyway- So I am HAPPY! Now this week I have to be careful with the snacking again, AND do the treadmill :)

As you know, my goal now is to be able to say "I LOST 50 POUNDS IN 2010" and to do that I had to loose .98 pounds per week until New Years. So loosing 1.2 puts me ahead already :) YEAH.

I think I'll go back to writing about my day and what I ate, the next morning. That was working out well for me. So I'll see you in the morning! Have a great night!

Catch Up

First let me thank Ellie Great for being my newest "follower." Thank you for joining me in My Day! :)

I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last few days... I really don't know what it is lately, I have just been tired I guess. I haven't felt like blogging at all. I don't know why. I know blogging has helped me tremendously, so I'm not going to quit... I just needed a little break I guess? No matter what, I will always be here for my Friday weigh in :)
I would like to get back to blogging everyday. At least write what I ate... For some reason, once I stop doing something it is SO hard for me to start up again. I've been... off... for the last 2 weeks, and haven't been blogging daily. Haven't been getting on the treadmill daily either...

The Food:
I HAVE been keeping track of everything I eat though, just like before. It's all written down, so that's good. I thought I did bad this week, but looking back I really didn't! Instead of writing everything from everyday, here is a summary:
I was VERY hungry for some reason a lot of this week. BUT I didn't snack to much. When I did it was cereal or almonds.
I had a 'open sandwich' on Monday! That cut 80 calories, so that's cool. I have to admit it wasn't on purpose, I burnt one piece of toast lol. But maybe I'll do it more often (have one piece, NOT burn it!)
I did have 3 slices of pizza on Tuesday :(
On Wednesday I had lunch and was still hungry, after about 1/2 hour I had ANOTHER sandwich... I havent had 2 sandwiches since before 1/1/10... It's what I wanted though... and then I was satisfied so I guess I'm not mad about it... But I'm not going to do it again any time soon either.
I had 2 cups of coffee on 2 days. I guess because I was tired, also because I was COLD... Not sure if it's a good habit though... especially since I have also taken 2 naps, and am up at 3am ;)
I had some veggies this week, but NO fruit...
I think that's about it as far as food, nothing else out of the ordinary. I did ok this week :)
OH! WAIT!!! Halloween is in 2 days, and there is NO Halloween candy in the house. That is a FIRST. I'm proud of myself... but it's mostly because of not having a car lol ;) But in the past I would have found a way to get it, believe me! Ray will be bringing some home tomorrow though, so I'll just have to be careful...

In other news, I have been STRESSED about the car. But now it is finally almost over. It has been towed and should be done tomorrow! And I'll have a car back! You know I hate driving, but I hate not having a car worse!

It was BEAUTIFUL here in the beginning of the week, got to 74 (just 2 days after I told you it was 40 and my heat was on.) Then it got cold again, we had a tornado warning on Tuesday. We have had more tornado warnings this year than in the last 10 years combined I bet!!! I don't EVER remember a tornado warning during the school year. EVER. A lot of schools were closed, I don't know why my sons wasn't. So, since I don't have a car and didn't want him walking in it, I kept him home. He was happy :) We had a wind advisory all the next day. Today it was cold and rainy and I felt so bad he had to walk in it :( Hopefully those days are done!

All that I did to get rid of the fleas worked very well... for about 4 days. Now today they are worse than ever in the basement... I just don't understand! Getting MORE spray for the cats, and another 'fogger' for the basement in the morning. They are TINY, so I'm hoping they just hatched, and they will all be gone in the morning before they can lay eggs??? The stupid thing says it works for 7 months... I guess they meant 4 days when they wrote that. UGH! Going to have to buy some more Frontline, because it seems to be the only thing that REALLY works. I can't find it anywhere, will have to order it online. It is expensive, but we must have spent over $150 already trying to get rid of the fleas! They have some cheaper version of it on now, but obviously it doesn't work. The spray works but only for about 2 days... So I'll spray them every 2 days if I have to until I get the frontline, powder the carpets up here and bomb the basement once a week I guess! They don't bother us, and don't seem to be up here, but want to make sure to get them all. UGH... I'm sick of this.

I only got on the treadmill twice this week. :(

The kid has been slacking on his school work these last couple weeks. I tire fast of repeating myself, and will not be yelling at him about it everyday. That's just to much stress, so I made it clear today that if he brings home any grade less than a B- on his report card, he will be grounded from video games for the WHOLE marking period. 9 weeks without Xbox or Wii??? He will feel like I am the most horrible parent EVER lol. BUT he will also make sure his school work comes first from now on won't he.

Good news?
I have been doing more house work than usual :) That hasn't seemed to help my mood... but I'm sure it would be even worse if the house was trashed ;) Housework is exercise too, so even though I haven't been on the treadmill much- that has helped some. I bet if I had been on the treadmill all week my mood would be better!

Also walked to get my mail a couple times this week. Something I never do, but have to becasue of the car problems. I should make it habit anyway.

K, that's all for now. It's after 3am, Ray's up for work and wondering what the hell I'm doing :) I have been doing really good getting to bed at a good time except for tonight though!

See you in the morning for the weigh in! I was down today, but I also went back to bed and slept in REALLY late. So I hope I'm still down tomorrow!
Goodnight :)

Blogger vs. 'Mike and Molly'

I happen to LOVE Mike and Molly. I have watched since it started, and though a little corny and predictable, I think it is such a funny show. It always makes me laugh, and sometimes makes me say "awww" when I see their puppy love :) (no they are not married as the woman on here said) I really do love this show.

BUT Maura Kelly from marie claire doesn't. In fact, she can't stand overweight people, and marie claire lets her write hurtful things about them as seen here:
Blogger vs. 'Mike and Molly' Featured Videos

If for some reason you can't see the video, it says she wrote that: it would make her sick to watch two people with rolls kissing each other... and that she can't stand watching a fat person even walking across the room... ect.
I happened to run into another article from marie claire earlier this month, from other blogs. It seems they don't have very good judgement about what they post... I'll be emailing them, and Ms Kelly to give them my two cents on it. You can too if you want ;)

I am guessing Ms. Kelly is a very unhappy person, to be writing things like this. Maybe she is jealous of the happiness these 2 over weight people were able to find? (Even though they are fictional) Maybe she herself can't find it? I don't know, all I know is that I am not angry, I pity her. She seems like a miserable human being.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Weigh More Than...

As I mentioned in the last post, we had an unexpected fight night over at Ray's Mom's. If you haven't seen the fight, turn back now! You've officially had your Spoil Alert! :)

So as you know, my family love us some UFC. We have even got Ray's family into it. So anyway, we went over there and watched UFC 121 Saturday night. There was something I realized when I got there, that made it a little hard to enjoy them, but I won't go into that now.
But I DID enjoy them. They were great. What made it fun also, is that it was SOO hyped up that if Cain Velasquez won, he would be the first Mexican Heavy Weight Champion. Now, for me I don't care what race the fighters are. I pick my fighters based on ability, work ethic and attitude. Ray is usually like that too. BUT not this time lol. Oh no, it's all about brown pride on this night! LOL, they all really wanted Cain to win, and make Mexico proud :) So naturally I picked Brock, because he's a BEAST and it's also fun to be routing for the other guy sometimes lol. I like both fighters, but thought Brock would win for sure.
Anyway, it was a GREAT card, with lots of good fights. The main event came, and Cain ended up winning. OMG you should have seen them on there feet and cheering, even Ray's mom. It was pretty funny. So Cain won. He's a big guy, weighing in at 244...
BUT if you are an MMA fan, you probably know who Brock Lesnar is. If not, here:
Do you see him? He is HUGE. He is a fricken TANK. Which brings me to my title... Brock Lesnar weighed in at 264 pounds. Now he doesn't weigh that at the fight, or walk around at that weight, probably more like 285. BUT, the point is... I weighed over 279 pounds on Friday. He weighed in at 264... That is fricken crazy. I weigh MORE than a UFC heavy weight champion. The biggest fighter they have seen in a long time...
Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

In fact, I weigh more than ANY heavy weight in the UFC. The weight class is 206-265... I don't even qualify!!! I AM TO HEAVY TO BE A HEAVY WEIGHT... AND I've lost 40 pounds! That is fucking nuts!!! How did I let it get this bad??? (I don't look back and think about that often, but man- stuff like this really puts it into perspective...)

Of course I don't let this ruin fights for me, but when the weights comes up, it's something I ALWAYS notice. Next time he fights I want to weigh LESS than him. I do not want to weigh more than Brock Lesnar ANYMORE! I want to be in the Heavy Weight Division... as CRAZY as that sounds!!!

*I did not take these pics, totally stole them off the internet ;)

My Weekend... Bleh

The Food
Oh the weekend... always so hard for me as far as eating.
I was doing SO well Saturday, and then we got invited over to Ray's Mom's at the last minute for UFC 121. Well... I didn't hear the conversation, so I don't know if it was really her idea or Ray's haha.
Anyway, she bought taco bell for dinner on the way there (she had to come get us since we have no car at the moment) and I got a cheesy gordita crunch, and a nacho bell grande. Even with that, my calories were under 2000 for the day I'm sure. BUT then her neighbor comes over and brings chicken he made... I didn't even want any, but he kept telling us to go have some and I really didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I didn't have any... then Ray's mom made spanish rice to go with it and as it got later, I couldn't resist AND I was hungry by then. So I had one small chicken leg and about 1 cup of rice. SO GOOD. Then I had a can of cherry 7up. First time I had pop in a while, but only one can and I'm not craving it or anything now. We didn't get home until after 1am, and I was hungry again... the rest of the night I could deal with, but what I did next was unacceptable! I had a tamale, chips, and more rice (yep she sent all this home with us). Ugh!
Oh well, today is a new day...
So today I got up really late, and had a headache. I wasn't hungry for most of the day. Here's what I ate:
Coffee: 35
Lunch: 205
Coffee and a Fit&Active Meal Bar
Snack: 23
Dinner: 1000?
Ordered Out: Wet tostada and chips and cheese with taco meat, toamto, salsa, and sour cream
Snack: 103
1 cup milk and 1 Werther's
Total Water: 46 oz (all from dinner on)
Total Calories: 1365? (366+ dinner)
Yeah... so I would normaly be happy with those calories, I mean that's way down for me! BUT that's not how I want to do it... coffee and take out? It's not exactly fast food, it's this family owned place down the street (which has lost a lot of buisness becasue of me this year! I swear to you, Me and Ray used to order from them 2 or 3 times a week!!!) but it's still take out, it's still greasier meat than I would use at home, FOR SURE not my lean meat. So I'm not happy with it... I'm not going to let it bother me though, It's done, and all the housework and exercise I got this weekend should even it out anyway... but this week will bring better food choices then the weekend :)

The Exercise
Saturday I did laundry, and brought it to the laundry mat to dry, and walked to the store from the laundromat (not far, but I could have had my mom drive me) and walked to check my mail. I didn't do the treadmill, because we had left and didn't get home till after 1. Just another reason I have to do it early!!!!
Sunday I did a lot around the house. A LOT. I'm not the best housekeeper, but I am doing really good latley, and that always helps my mood :) I also did the Treadmill: 20 minutes/.78 miles, Incline 1. I still want to do 5 miles per week, so right now I'm behind. I will have to do a mile per day, and 1.22 miles on one of them. That's fine :)

This week will be a good one :) I have my goal in mind, and will do great.
The End

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NEW!!!!!!! :)

Well, the first NEW, is a new follower!
I missed her last post, but now would like to say: Thank you Ioana Atichison for joining me in My Day!

The other NEW, is a NEW GOAL!
After I posted a while ago, I wasn't in the best mood... but now I am :) I got out my calendar and decided I am setting a goal. I want to be able to say I lost 50 pounds this year. Yep, the big FIVE-O. (secretly I would love to say I lost 60... but the way I've been going, I don't want to set myself up for disappointment)

SO, New Years Eve is exactly 10 weeks away from yesterday's weigh in. That means I have 10 weeks to loose 9.8 pounds. That's only .98 per week! I CAN DO THAT! I might be able to do even MORE than that!!!
So that is my goal. To say I lost 50 pounds in 2010. I went to my Weight Loss Tracker and set my new goal.
And even though the holidays are coming up, I am confident I can do it. I am actually excited about it! Woo Hoo!!!

Do any of you have a year end goal??? I would love to hear it :) We have 10 weeks left!

This is going to be the FIRST time EVER that I actually stuck to my New Year's Resolution lol :) It's going to be awesome!

Friday Weigh In and Catch Up

And the scale says...
That is a gain of .6 pounds
Making my Total loss 40.2 pounds

My Treadmill Totals for the week:
46 minutes/ 1.79 miles
I know... pathetic

It might sound crazy, but I'm ok with that. Except for last Saturday, I did really well this week. I wasn't very hungry at all, didn't snack much, and I think I did good. Thursday night I did end up snacking on a few things... maybe it would have been a loss if I hadn't done that... No fast food (until last night, after weigh in Ray and I had pizza). I only got on the treadmill 3 days... last day being Monday! So that's not good. Over all I did ok.

One thing I didn't do, is use my grief as an excuse to binge all week. So I think it shows I have made a lot of improvement since I started. I honestly thought about it, but I know Margie M wouldn't want me to. Instead I wasn't even hungry most of the time, so I'm thankful for that.
I haven't done my own blog since finding out about her... to be honest I haven't wanted to. I thought about not doing if anymore... but I do think it's helped me a lot. I have kept up with all the blogs I follow and tried to leave comments. Even if I haven't commented lately, I'm still reading :)
On top of not wanting to write, I just couldn't really think of anything else this week besides Margie and Bruce and what happened. It's still hard for me to believe and accept.
Margie's daughter has been so kind in keeping us updated even in her time of grief. I'm sure she'll never fully know how much we all appreciate it. Her last post was to let us all know they are back home safe, with the RV and Bruce and Margie's little dog. She does the posts on Margie M's other blog found here: It's so incredibly kind of her to think about their followers and blogland friends.

A new week:
I did have 3 slices of pizza last night, which I know isn't good. But I am not mad about it, I hadn't ate much at all yesterday, and I know I will have a great week anyway. I'm not going to let that get me down, and I'm not going to take until Tuesday to get back on track, I'm back on track right now.

I started off on a good note and did Crunches yesterday. 5 sets of 20. I'm going to really try and make crunches habit along with treadmill. Maybe every other day for the crunches? Or whenever my belly isn't feeling over worked? I like the 5 mile a week goal for the treadmill, so I'm going with that. Also allowing myself ONE day off without feeling bad about it. Which was yesterday. I'm also going to keep weighing myself over at the weight loss tracker. I haven't for a few days, but back to daily now. I think it helps.

Not much new with me. Finally gave in and had to turn the heat on yesterday. It was 40 and I was cold.
The car still isn't fixed.
The Internet is slow- but at least it's working. All of a sudden we have cable (we already pay for basic, which is only up to 31 and none of the kids channels or good stuff) so that's cool. It's missing a few like my court tv, but that's ok lol. I figure it won't last long, I don't even know why we have it. They owe it to us anyway with how expensive they are and how shitty the service is... so whatever.
I had my family over for dinner Wednesday. I never see them anymore, except when I get my brother to give me a ride lately. They didn't stay long. I know it's because I don't allow weed in my house anymore... and a whole hour is a long time to be without (rolling my eyes) but it was nice to see them. The middle brother couldn't make it, he's pretty busy with work and some more schooling.

I have been going to bed at a decent time every night (except Thursday, probably why I snacked) and last night was at 10:30. I was up at 7 this morning when I COULD be sleeping in! Ray is at work, and my son is... gone! He actually spent the night at a friends house last night! He's 12 and this is the first time he has done that. He used to stay sometimes with his cousin at my Grandma's, but she disowned everybody about 3? years ago. (story for another time) He used to stay at my Mom's (my brother's) sometimes, but not since I put my foot down and said he's not allowed over there anymore... so it's been a while since he's stayed the night anywhere. Ray is more nervous, but I am happy :) He is such a shy kid, and being an only child he just has us all the time. Which I love, but I worry about him. He's perfectly happy just hanging out with us or playing video games by himself, but I always wish he had friends, or would go outside and play... I was SO worried about him starting middle school, but it seems like he likes it. This year is going well for him so far, and he seems like he's getting more social and now he actually went to a friends house! :) So yeah, I'm happy about it.

I think that's about it. I am getting pretty sick of not having a car. My brother said he would take me to the laundromat today, but he probably forgot. I don't want to go today, since it will probably be crowded on the weekend... but it's his day off. So I'll call around noon and wake him up to remind him. He only works part time, but can't be bothered to get up before 1pm on days he works... ugh. You know last winter when they didn't have a car, I was taking him AND his girlfriend to and from their jobs, AND where ever else anyone over there needed to go. In the snow. I had to go get her from work at 11:30 at night, ON TOP of bringing Ray at 4am. They would even wait till the last minute sometimes and call "Katie needs to be to work in an hour." After telling me she didn't need a ride... Did I complain??? NOPE. But now that I don't have a car, no one even asks if I need anything. Not ONCE. Even though I have a child, and groceries don't grow out of my ass. Even though I brought them all everywhere. Even though they have 2 vehicles, between the 4 people, 3 of which don't work... Ray's Mom is the one that asks if we need anything. Ray's Mom who works full time, and lives across town. She's the one who brings Ray to work at 4am. Ugh... I could go on, but I guess I shouldn't. No use thinking about it, it only pisses me off.

Anyway, today might suck... it sounds like it's raining out too. BUT once laundry is done it will be good. I just wish I could get it over with... I'm sure he won't get here till about 3. Bleh.

Anyway, I'll try and get back to posting like normal.

I hope everyone has a good day. And I will try my best to also :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Have Lost A Wonderful Woman (part 2)

I still sit here. I stopped crying and I started to think that there is no way this is real. I'm always like that I guess, Believe it when I see it.
Well, I'm so sorry to say that I see it:

Suspect in Pismo Beach crash out on bail - Local -

Out of all the places in the whole country, that they could have been at that moment...
It is so unbelievable :(
I just can't understand it.

We Have Lost A Wonderful Woman

I just woke up, internets on, came to check on my blog.

I was mildly annoyed that someone would write something so horrible on my last post about Margie M, and was going to write some things to this person... but decided I better check, JUST in case. Actually, I went to check to see if she posted today so I could be a smart ass, and write something about how she's still posting...

I went to Margie M's blog, and nothing out of the ordinary. She hasn't posted everyday lately...
But then I decided to check her other blog, that I don't read very often. And this is what I found:

It says that Margie and her husband Bruce were killed. Taking their daily walk.

I have been sitting here crying for 10 minutes now. I feel so overwhelmed with grief.
I can't imagine how her family must be feeling, to loose such a wonderful woman. And of course her husband also, from what she wrote he was also a beautiful person. If you are the praying type, please keep their family in your prayers. I know they leave behind 2 grandchildren that they loved with all their heart... and she wrote about often.

I keep thinking this is some kind of hoax. But she wrote everyday on that blog, so I don't see how it could be...

I just don't understand.
She changed her life for the better, was doing her best to be healthy and keep the weight off to beat the statistics. That's why they walked daily, and for this to happen... I just don't understand... and it is so senseless. if it happened how this says, it is murder... I just can't believe this... how could this have happened??? I don't understand...

She has helped me so much. I feel so blessed to have "known" her.
I hope her daughter keeps her blog up, because it can still help so many.

Again, please keep the family in your thoughts, especially those "Grands."
As heartbroken as I feel,
I know it must be unbearable for her family.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brought to You by Margie M, and The Letter B

Here is a great post by Margie M that I had to share.


Internet only working when it wants to again. It has shut off while I'm in the middle of something about 5 times on me today. Bleh. At least it wasn't anything super important!

So I'll quick catch up and then try and read some blogs before it goes out again! 

Yesterday... well yesterday sucked.
I woke up just like Thursday with a horrible head ache and felt sick half the day. It's also that time of the month now... and maybe that's been the problem all along? But I usually don't get sick like that...
I did pretty crappy. I had a crappy day, and snacked to much. I did watch the portions, but had snacks to often again. chips and salsa con queso, sunchips, and 3 doughnut holes.
It was a stressful day. Flea "fogged" the basement. Then had to air out the house, and it was pretty cold. Didn't want to cook while airing it out, so we ordered pizza. To me, that would be a fine excuse lol- BUT we just had pizza the other day, so it kind of ruins it. I had 4 small pieces.
I am not doing well with the pizza, and we can't afford it anyway!!! I am going to have a serious talk with Ray, and we are NOT ordering anymore for a while. And if something comes up, and we have it somewhere else or something? One slice, two at the MOST. 

Surprisingly, I was down a little to 279 for my daily weigh in, and that helped my mood. I'm being careful not to let it effect my mood negatively when it's a little gain, because I know daily fluctuation is normal :) But it does help when it's down!
So now the weekend munchies are over. AND I set a new goal for Friday on my Weight Loss Tracker. When I had a goal last time, I did SO good. So I set this one for just below my low weight of 278. 277.9 I think. So I have about 4 days to loose 1.1 pounds. Plus today, I think I can do it! Especially if I keep up with the treadmill, and my new goal of at least 5 miles per week.

I didn't do treadmill yesterday, I may be paranoid, but I tough I could smell the fogger... and I didn't want to be breathing heavy in it. But I'll be on it tonight for sure!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my eating and treadmill time for today. If not it's because the internet does what it wants :(
They are coming out AGAIN tomorrow, and it will probably be fine while they are here AGAIN. So nothing will be done. If you ask me, it's other people cutting into my cable line in this building. I live in a townhouse, and there are 7 other basements the cable lines go through. I may be the only one paying for cable, and others are just cutting into my line. Comcast doesn't care though, they suck.

How about a list of good things hmm?

Today I learned how to light the pilot light on my water heater. (had to turn it off for the fogger)
The flea problem is OVER! (I hope!)
I feel good, my mood and other :)
I have my son and Ray, who love me and make my life complete! Along with my kitties of course :) Who are doing much better today.

Have a great night everybody!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Uses for Aluminum Foil

Wrinkle Remover New Uses for Aluminum Foill

Friday Weigh In, Turkey Burgers, and Cat Trouble

OMGoodness. This turned into a long and rambling post lol. Feel free to just skim it!

And the scale says...
That is a gain of 1.2 pounds.
Making my Total Weight Lost: 40.8 pounds

Treadmill Totals for the week:
2 hours 15 minutes and
5.26 miles :)

If it weren't for the treadmill (and being sick yesterday) I'm sure the gain would have been more, with the way I was eating last week. I think 5 miles is a good number to shoot for each week, and I will do my best!

As far as food, I feel much better, but I now want to snack all day! I don't know why, I just feel hungry all day, and even when I'm not- I want to snack anyway!!! Ugh. I think I did ok with it today, I gave in to the snacking- but only had a little bit...

I had a VERY busy day. In the midst of all this chaos, I realized how far I've come when my brother brought me to the store.
As you know, my car isn't running (and now there is no more talk from ray's Mom about her guy... I have no idea why) and so when my brother brought me grocery shopping, I stocked up! So I got more than usual, trying to cover everything we will need for a while, since I'm not sure when I'll be going again. After I was all done shopping, and putting it all on the belt myself, putting it all back in the cart myself, I felt great! I wasn't tired, I wasn't sweating. I was just fine. It reminded me of a post I did when I first started this, probably in March or late Feb? I remember telling you how I felt bad because after Ray worked all night, he had to come to the store with me. I had recently gotten to the point where I couldn't go grocery shopping by myself if I was getting more than a few things. I was so tired and out of breath that I couldn't do the whole check out thing with out sweating like crazy...
but it's been a few months now, that I don't need any help (he helps me bring it all in when I get home) and today- even with extra stuff, I felt great :) It really reminds my why I am doing this. And that I have come a long way already, and I have to keep going!

Here's what I ate today:
Coffee: 46
Lunch: 404
Turkey sandwich (on whole wheat, with 1 slice pepper jack cheese, lettuce and miracle whip), 6 baby carrots, 1/2 tbs light ranch, water
Snack: 63
5 sunchips
Snack: 148
6 tortilla chips and 1 tbs salsa con queso
Dinner: 770
Turkey Burger (on white bun, slice of pepper jack, lettuce, tiny bit bbq sauce) baked beans, 9 sunchips, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: 460
3 doughnut holes, 1 cup apple cider
Total Water: 41 oz
Total Calories: 1891
Wow... and I thought I did pretty good today! I can't believe those tiny doughnut holes are 110 calories EACH!!! And dinner really added up faster than I thought! That's more calories than I thought I had...

It was out first time having turkey burgers. I have to say... I'm not impressed.
I got Jennie-O Lean turkey burger patties 'with no artificial ingredients.' They tasted ok, we seasoned them with ranch seasoning... I definitely I like regular burgers better. The whole reason I got them is because they are supposed to be so much more healthy. But my extra lean ground beef has LESS calories than this! I am pretty surprised! Where my beef is 96% fat free, this is 93%.

I'm looking at the 2 packages right now, and here's the breakdown on a quarter pound of the beef and the turkey...
The turkey has 20 MORE calories, 3.5 grams MORE fat, 1 gram MORE saturated fat, 15 mg MORE cholesterol, 40 mg MORE sodium, 4 grams LESS protein, and 9% LESS Iron... Also, the beef has that little 'heart check' symbol, and is certified by the 'National Heart Association.'
The only good thing I see is that the turkey has 2% Vitamin A and 2% calcium... I need my iron more than those I think...
Maybe I got the wrong thing? I thought that the patties would be the same as if they weren't in patties. (I only got patties cause they were on sale) but maybe they aren't?
I don't know. Do you eat turkey burgers? If so, why?
I have some left, so I would love to know how you eat them! What you season them with and what you use on them... Please! :)

Treadmill: 11 minutes/ .43 mile, Incline 1, with 2 lb weights for 5 minutes
I have a treadmill story. It's the reason I was on it such a short time, and it's NOT a good story. You may leave now if you want, lol.
I'm on the treadmill and notice my cat is acting weird. I'm watching her and she starts pawing over in the corner by the PS3. Then she paws at the rug in front of the door... "Miya!" I say. She stops and runs off. She comes back and goes about 4 feet away from where I'm walking, and is just staring... What is she looking at? I wonder. As I watch her, I realize she is not just standing there, she is going to the bathroom!!! 4 feet away from me, in plain sight!! I was fricken SHOCKED! So I yell at her, like she's going to answer me, "Miya!!! What are you DOING!?!?!?" I get off the treadmill, grab her by the scruff and go towards the basement. The litter is down there, and I throw her down the stairs! ...
No I didn't, but I was so mad I honestly thought about it! I can't do that though, so I set her down and she runs down in fear. So I get to clean up a HUGE steamy pile of shit on my living room carpet. She must have been holding that for 2 days!!!! WTF!?!?! UGH, I was so mad.

So I didn't get back on the treadmill, but I DID get a work out.

Earlier in the day Ray had told me that he had  a couple fleas on his legs in the basement. UGH. So far we haven't been bothered, and haven't seen them in the house. Just on the cats, and know they still have them because of the scratching. But since the litter is down there, and they go to bed down there at night, it must have gotten worse in the last couple days. So before she did her business on the carpet, I had already bought some spray and the neck stuff for them while at the store. After I calmed down, I realized she must have only done that, because there ARE fleas in the basement, and they must be bothering her so bad that she didn't want to go down there. Poor thing :(
So I chased them all down, sprayed them all REAL good with this stuff, chased them all down again to dry them off, and brushed the 3 that I could after that. I was sweating like crazy! Miya was actually really good, I think she was still scared of me and how mad I was. After a minute of rubbing the stuff on her, I told her "It's ok." and she started purring. I know it's because she knew I forgave her, because cats DON'T pure while getting flea treated, trust me lol. But it's all done, and tomorrow morning I will put on the other stuff, that is supposed to last 1 month (WE'LL SEE). And once we get that stuff on them, we are going to flea bomb the basement. Fun Fun I tell ya.
SO keep your fingers crossed for us and the kitties!!! Nothing has worked so far, This HAS to work. I'm SICK of this crap. And I can't stand to see them miserable either of course. They are indoors, I shouldn't even have to deal with this!!! Grrr!

K, I guess I better go now lol. It's way past my bedtime, and I'm not tired, and am HUNGRY. I want chips and salsa con queso, but I think I'll have a small bowl of cereal :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Food/Treadmill Post

Being sick yesterday messed me all up, now I'm behind on posting.
So here's everything I've eaten that I didn't write down the last couple days:

Breakfast: 226
Coffee and slice of whole wheat peanut butter toast
Lunch: 374
Tuna Sandwich on whole wheat 'sandwich thins' with 6 baby carrots, 1/2 tbs light ranch, 1 pepperoncini, water
Snack: 261
.8 oz Almonds and .9 oz  honey roasted almonds
Snack: 23
Snack: 210
Romaine Salad with mozz/cheddar cheese, croutons, hot pepper rings, 2 tbs light ranch
Dinner: 455
1 1/2 cup Asian Helper- beef fried rice, milk
Snack: 280
large bowl of cereal (frosted wheat puffs/ rice chex) with ff skim milk
Total Water: 46 oz
Total Calories: 1829
Treadmill: 26 minutes/ 1.02 miles, Incline 1, with 2 lb weights for 5 minutes

Lunch: 330
1 cup left over beef fried rice, 1 cup ff skim milk
Coffee: 46
I lowered it down to 2 tsp coffee mate and 1 tsp sugar and I like it just fine :)
Snack: 190
Cereal (1 cup frosted puffed wheat) w ff skim milk
Dinner: 800?
Wet tostada and chips and cheese (about 10) with taco meat tomatoes and sour cream
Snack: about 200
coffee with some almonds/honey roasted almonds
Total Water: 46 oz
Treadmill: 13 minutes/ .50 mile, Incline 1, with 2 lb weights for 6 minutes
I did NOT want to do it, but knew I was very close to 5 miles this week, and wanted to make that :)

There, that's off my chest, and I can move on! Next is... the weigh in. And I'm sure you can guess by my eating it is a gain!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Quick Video: Drew Carey

Drew Carey's Battle of the Bulge Featured Videos

Does that sound familiar? "I could never give up my 'Whatever' "
That's me with pizza huh? Is that you, with any certain food?
I obviously can't stop at just one at this point, and I really do need to just give it up for now :(

Great job Drew!

Fight Night always makes me feel better :)

Thank you for your kind comments :) I did much better yesterday. I'll be back later to post it all. Right now wanted to quick check in so you know I didn't go back off the deep end :)

Today I did good too, as far as eating. But I woke up with a HORRIBLE head ache. Ray took care of me all day, and I only got off the recliner to use the bathroom and to puke. (tmi? sorry) I felt awful. It was a combination of the migraine, and trying to take medicine in an empty stomach I guess. I ate crackers but that didn't help. I finally felt a little better around 4:30pm and got up and dressed.
I still have a head ache, but it's SOOO much better. I am pretty hungry now, and will have to take care not to over eat!

Bellator starts in a few minutes. It's on Fox Sports, it's MMA fighting. You know we are some MMA nuts, so we were already looking forward to the fights. But now I'm even more exited because I recently found out that one of the weight loss blogs I follow, Mama Page, has son is fighting tonight! How cool is that!!!! Not that I KNOW her lol, but... you know how it is here in blog land :) We don't know each other, but we do right? lol :) So I'll be cheering on Chris Page! I hope that was ok to share Mama Page!!! :)
There is chips and cheese, and I know I'll have some. I just won't have a LOT. And there is pop, but I won't have ANY!!!!!
Have a good night!

I'm back. Looks like I'll be waiting another 3 and a half hours to watch, since Fox Sports has a football game on. Ugh. That's ok, I can wait. maybe I'll drink some coffee hehe. Here's a link if you like MMA
have a good night!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I don't know WHAT happened...

Honestly, I don't :(

I really felt GREAT, especially after meeting that goal last week! I felt like I was motivated as much as I was back in January. For the first time in a LONG time.

The weekend wasn't great, but it didn't ruin my mood or my determination.

Monday morning I started off with more BBQ chips. I realized, there weren't many left at all. I finished them. Meaning, I had eaten the WHOLE bag by myself over 3 days. I said to myself: What the hell are you doing?!?! And I did GREAT the rest of the day. I stuck to the plan, did housework, ate a sandwich for lunch on the 'sandwich thins' with baby carrots. Did the treadmill at 1pm which worked out so well! I stayed on it a little longer: 30 minutes/ 1.18 miles, Incline 1 with 2 ob weights for 5 minutes and I felt so good. I really love having it done and out of the way too! I only had ONE cookie. I did good with dinner, eating only one portion. And I snacked on measured out almonds. I got in 51 oz of water! The day was great.
Then... I don't know what happened.
It was 10:30pm, and Ray was hungry... we... ordered pizza. I know I have a pizza problem, but we haven't ordered it in the middle of the night for a snack since before I started this Jan 2010!!! (And even though it was his idea, if I would have said no- he wouldn't have. I was totally all for it.) Medium 12 inch. I had 5 pieces. FIVE. :( I found comfort in the fact they were small... but later? When I was done? I felt like SHIT. I couldn't believe I did that!!!!! 5 pieces of pizza in the middle of the night!?!?!?! OMG!!!  I still can't believe I did that.
Today wasn't any better. I was depressed. I'm sure mostly because I had eaten the pizza.
Let me be clear: I didn't eat because I was depressed, I was in a GREAT mood Monday. Even when we ordered it! I honestly don't know why I did it! I sure wasn't hungry... ugh.

So today I was depressed. I went to bed after sending the boy off to school, and I didn't get up till 11:30. I snacked all day. Not a lot at a time, but all through the day. And again, when I wasn't really even hungry. I didn't have lunch, and had a small portion of chicken with red beans and rice for dinner. I didn't want food, because I felt really sick. I had snacked all day on almonds, a trail mix bar, cereal and sun chips... and now I feel sick. I don't get sick often. Hardly EVER. But today I got pains in my stomach, that really hurt. That turned into a sick feeling. Without getting to graphic, I've spent a lot of the evening on the toilet.
That's what I get for filling my body with a bunch of crap.
I am so embarrassed.
I wasn't even going to write at all. I figured I'll come back when I'm feeling better and all will be well. BUT you know me. I would have felt guilty. On top of that, over at Jo's blog yesterday, she happened to ask: What is our responsibility, as bloggers, to our followers? I answered, that the only 'responsibility' I feel I have to my followers is to always be HONEST.
Well, I've always been and always will be. Even though I had a horrible couple days, I HAVE to share that, because it's part of my journey and I can't leave it out just because it sucks. Or because I am so ashamed of it. Which I am.
I'm still feeling depressed, now along with sick to my stomach. BUT I don't want to snack anymore. I don't want to eat ANYTHING. I can't change what I did the last 2 days, but I can do better tomorrow.

I REALLY was feeling so great and so motivated. I just want that back. I'm going to get up tomorrow and do my best. No matter my mood, I won't eat like I did today. I won't eat unless I'm hungry, no mindless snacking. I hope I don't feel sick tomorrow, but if I do it's my own fault!

I did weigh myself for my weight loss tracker, and it wasn't pretty.
I also got on the treadmill during The Biggest Looser. Ugh, I didn't want to. I put it off till the last 15 minutes of the show. My heart wasn't in it and I hated it the whole time. But I did it.
20 minutes/ .77 mile, Incline 1
I think I'm done with The Biggest Looser. I've watched since the beginning, except for one season. But I am having issues with this season, big time. It's not inspiring me this time, but only pissing me off. Which is crazy, I never would have thought I'd stop watching.

Anyway. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

I hope you all are doing well. Better than me at least!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh the Weekend...

First, there is a new face :)
Thank you Sandra for joining me in My Day!!!

I feel like I should put a disclaimer haha :) Right now I feel great, and am back on track for the most part... but it's not always that way. My life isn't all sunshine and rainbows and sometimes my writing reflects that...
but we all have those days right???

I think writing the next morning instead of at night, has really helped me with that though. Take this weekend. If I were to have written Saturday night, it would NOT have been pretty. Let's just say my Mom called, it seems, for no other reason than to make an already stressed out day even worse. THAT would have been a long, pissed off, rambling post- believe that!
BUT she ended up coming over Sunday, and I just let it go and all is well.

Not writing at night gives me a chance to cool down, look at the situations and realize it isn't that big of deal. It could always be worse!

Weekend Food:
I guess I'm going to just sum up the weekend. I have all the food written down (which is an everyday thing now) but we'll just do the short version... just skim the ugly details!!!
It wasn't great.
Friday we ordered pizza, GOOD pizza. I have been doing so well with the fast food- so I didn't feel TO bad, but I should have eaten less. FOR SURE. I ended up with 3 pieces, and they were large...
COOKIES all weekend. They were the best cookies I have ever had, but I actually did ok :) 3 Saturday, 3 Sunday, and a bite of cookie dough Friday... Now the last of them is in a container and will be gone today.
CHIPS! I usually don't even eat potato chips! But we had my brother JJ over and his friend (might as well be my 4th little brother :)) for wraps Saturday. I got some chips at the store, 3 kinds... why? I have no idea. Anyway, I grabbed the bag of BBQ chips and snacked on them Saturday AND Sunday night!!!! RIGHT OUT OF THE BAG. That is NOT a good habit to pick back up. NO MORE of that!!!!!!
I Did get in a lot of water though, and portions were fine except for the pizza!
Been weighing in everyday, and the chips and pizza did show up... But I still feel great. I feel motivated and ready to go, like I did in January when I started!

And I did some treadmill
Friday: 20 minutes/ .76 mile, Incline 1
Saturday: 26 minutes/ 1.03 mile, Incline 1, with 2 LB weights for 5 minutes
Total days in a row was 8
I didn't do it yesterday. I wasn't feeling really good (BBQ chips?) but I really could have. I was more lazy and sluggish than anything else. BUT I've decided to stop counting again. I will be fine if I miss one day a week on the treadmill. My goal is still to do it everyday, but I won't beat myself up over 1 missed day. 6 days a week is still good :) Especially if I step it up a bit!

So that's my weekend.

Step dad worked on the car all week and weekend, and no change. It still doesn't start. I'm only out $40 for that, and whatever I give him for the effort... I guess? The next step is Ray's mom is having it towed across town to her guy. She said she will pay for it... but I heard Ray on the phone yesterday saying he gets paid Friday... so I think we will probably be paying for it. (Which is fine... we were going to pay her back anyway, but were going to wait till income tax time since she offered to pay for it.)
All this wouldn't be so bad if I didn't just spend hundreds on the damn thing!!! And I only had it for a week afterwards and now there is a whole new problem!!!! I'm just hoping her guy can fix it.

The internet seems fine, so that's good! Especially with my growing addiction to FrontierVille!!! (Grrr!!! Thanks a lot Byron!!! lol) I have decided I'm going to have to limit myself. Like right now, I have to be off this computer by 10:00am so I can get housework and things done. Off at 10, no matter what! After housework, if I have time I'm sure I'll be back on lol. But I also am getting on the treadmill at 1pm during my soap, no matter what! lol. We'll see how my plan goes :) I really need to keep up the house better, so I'm going to really try and stick to the plan, everyday would be good :)

Going to be another beautiful day, about 73. I hope you have a great day too!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Weigh Day, Goal Reached!!!

And the scale says...
Wooo Hooo!
That is 3.6 pounds lost this week!
For a Total of 42 pounds lost.

My treadmill stats for the week:
6 days
2 hours and 8 minutes
4.85 miles :)

I am very happy :) I was already happy yesterday though, when I hit my goal. Today I was up a little, when I weighed in the last time it was at 278.2, JUST over my goal of 278. But then my step dad got here, and I didn't eat and was busy. So i weighed in again before I ate, and there it was! 278 on the dot!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!
So I'm 'back in the green' or right ON the green anyway :)

I think weighing in every day has helped me stay on track better. Oh I still have a lot to improve on, but I feel better about this week than I have in a long time.

My eating yesterday wasn't great. But it wasn't horrible. We had frozen pizza, and you'll never guess what I did. I was REALLY hungry, and I didn't want to eat 5 pieces. So I stir fried vegetables and seasoned them with Italian seasoning to put on my pizza :) I added a little spaghetti sauce and PILED it on. LOL, Ray thinks I'm crazy haha. But he's eating a lot more veggies lately too! I have to say, I love stir fried veggies now! They don't, but I do :) So I had 1 1/2 pieces of frozen pizza :) Not bad.
I did end up with 3 cookies all together throughout the day... bleh.
My total calories came to 1892
I did my treadmill after midnight last night, so I didn't stay on it as long as I could have. (and I woke Ray up! oops!)
15 minutes/ .52 mile, incline 1
Days in a row: 6

I have to go and take care of some other stuff while the Internet is working, read some blogs, take care of my facebook animals LMAO :) Here's hoping they fix it and I'm not without for to long!!!
So I have no dryer, no car, no cordless phone, no answering machine and now no internet only half the time. But that's ok :) I reached my goal. AND got a medal!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! :)

Thank you to anyone who showed support to the ladies I mentioned yesterday :) You guys are great.

I watched Being John Malkovich on netflicks. Have you seen that movie??? I think it's the weirdest movie I have EVER SEEN! lol. EVER
The way my brother has it set up, we have to watch what is on there. It's a big selection but not the stuff I want to watch!!!! So no I Am Legend :( Or Inception :( I was looking forward to checking them out. There is The Sound of Music, I've mentioned before that it's one of those classics I've never seen and would like to. No one will watch it with me though!!!! lol oh well :) Have to watch it alone I guess!

Sorry if this seems rushed. I know you understand :)
Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Wow. Is this for real?

I"m up way to late. I JUST got done catching up on my blog roll. I have to say, I'm a little sad.

One blogger, Bee , is having a REALLY tough time. She has lost close to 80 pounds I think, but is now really stressed out. You know I have a problem with eating when I'm stressed, so I really feel for her. She is binging, and even started smoking again. If you have time, would you go give her a little encouragement? I think she really needs it right now. Thanks :)

I'm also a little disgusted...
Another blogger is leaving, because she was bullied so bad that she is going to quit her blog.
How sad is that??? I would send you to her blog as well, but I know she has made up her mind.

I just feel really bad, because I don't know how I would react to something like that. She started her blog to have help, and share her journey... and to be picked on like that is just so unnecessary.

If you don't like someones blog, don't follow it! It's one thing to comment on the blog when you don't agree or just stop following it... But to keep following it, and posting mean things on your own blog about it, links to her blog, things that aren't true, and just plain picking on her... why?

At first I really thought he had a good heart and the best intentions... but I watched it all unfold, and it got pretty ridiculous. I finally did make a comment as to why this person was so hard on others that don't do it his way... and he didn't post my comment. After JUST saying he posts any and all comments. I finally had to quit reading that blog. Partly because he doesn't really post all comments, Mostly because I am so tired of all the negativity, and it just wasn't good for me. Posting bad things about people, and including a link so you can go bully them too??? (Oh not just to this blogger, he does it a LOT.) It's just to much. Especially now that I see he actually used her real name, that she did NOT make public, only told him privately when they were "friends." I just can't understand... it's all just so childish.

You want to know the worst part? This is true, I'm NOT making this up:
Attacking her isn't enough, he actually called on his blogger "friends" to back him up! To stick up for him and join in the bullying! No, I'm not kidding. It's true!!! And What's worse? A few of his followers actually listened to him... I mean, I've heard of being a follower- but holy shit!!!! Now THAT'S what I call a follower!!! Is this high school or what?!?!?!

I'm not going to send you to his blog, I would NOT lower myself to giving you links to go attack someone. That is just plain immature and unnecessary. Just know that this BS is actually going on... it's mind blowing to me!!! It really makes me not want to trust anyone, or give out any real info. To think someone might use it later if they don't agree with my weight loss plan??? WOW. Be careful who you trust!

Some of us struggle, if you don't... GREAT. Be happy, thankful, and PROUD... but don't pick on someone because they are not having an easy time... what's the point? I just don't get it.

I feel bad that she is going. I feel bad that she LET him push her out of blog land. :( I only hope she stays on her journey and accomplishes her goals.

For anyone reading, PLEASE don't let anyone come in between you and your goals, or happiness. You deserve to be happy and no one can take that away from you, unless you LET them.

There's my 2 cents on it lol.
I'm usually pretty laid back here in blog land... usually just watch and don't get involved. But once in a while I just have to get things off my chest. I guess I just can't stand everyone in his corner and no one in hers...
In real life I don't usually have that problem, I say what I think right away. It's got me into trouble a time or two, but it's usually worth it :)

I also read some great posts, about NSVs and accomplishments. Even a song or two lol. Saw some great pictures, you KNOW I love me some pictures :) So it's not all bad!

It's late, and I still have to do the treadmill!!!! I'm not going to make my midnight curfew tonight. That's ok, I'll catch up on some sleep this weekend :) Hope you all had a great day!

If the internet cooperates, I'll see you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Internet Trouble

Just wanted to quick let you know I'm having Internet problems. If I don't show up tomorrow, it's cause I am not able. They are coming out and hopefully fix it. Right now it goes in and out when it wants to.
I may have to cut it off soon anyway, I can't really afford it. BUT I feel like I can't live without it! lol, we'll have to wait and see!
For now, I'll be back soon. AND will still write everything on paper and have it all recorded :) Going to try and catch up on blogs as I am behind in a lot of them!!!!
Have a great night!

I Got a Medal!!!

First I have to tell you, I was very disappointed in myself for my eating yesterday. Oh, it wasn't even close to my worst, but since I have a goal set for Friday- I should have used some self control!!!
I had a plan. It was taco night so I was going to eat VERY light during the day. But that didn't happen. I did only have ONE taco :) That's something to be proud of.

Here's where I was REALLY disappointed. The Cookies.
Yep, I made some of those cookies after school when my son got home. My plan was to bake 8 of them. That way I would be able to have ONE and not see a whole mountain of them all day or anything. Well, I had a bite of cookie dough while making them. I had one, but they were kind of burnt so I made another 8. I had one of those, and they were SOOO delicious! Probably the best cookie I ever had! SO I had another one. Then I put them away and left them alone... until after dinner. Then I had another one... then ANOTHER one. Ugh. I really don't know what happened! SO all together I had 5 1/2 cookies. And these little things are 120 calories EACH. I really thought I would be ok, keeping my goal in mind. But I failed miserably! Ugh.

Here's What I ate yesterday:
Coffee: 61
Breakfast: 450
1 waffle, 2 fried eggs, lite syrup, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: 23
Snack: 112
1 String cheese with 10 Special K crackers
Lunch: 402
Leftovers- about 1 cup rice, 3/4 cup stir fried veggies, 1 buttered whole wheat toast, 1 cup ff skim milk
Bite: 60
Cookie dough
Snack: 360
1 cookie, then 2 cookies
Dinner: 802
1 'double decker' style taco, 1 cup spanish rice (just white rice with tomatoes, jalapenos and seasoning), 1/2 cup beans, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: 240
2 cookies
Total Calories: 2510
Total Water: 54 oz

Knowing how many calories worth I had eaten in cookies, did keep me on the treadmill longer. :)
26 minutes/ 1.02 miles on incline 1, with 2 LB weights for 5 minutes of it
Days in a row: 5

Now today.
I actually had a bad head ache and ended up going right back to bed after sending the boy to school. When I got up at 11am I weighed in right away. I figured it would be a gain for sure. I just hoped I didn't do TOOOO much damage. The numbers popped up: 277.8. What?!?! So I tried again. YEP, 277.8! UNDER 278! I know that sleeping in might have had something to do with that, using the bathroom an extra time or whatever lol. BUT I'm still happy with it. Now all I have to do is keep it off for tomorrows weigh in!
So I went to my Weight Loss Tracker, and put in the numbers for today...
Do you see that???
Here, how about now:
It's a Medal!! For reaching my goal!!!
How cool is THAT!?!?!?! Obviously this just made my whole day :) I am still disappointed with my eating yesterday.Especially having NO control with the cookies, for sure. But yesterday is gone, and I can do great today! I'm just so relieved I didn't screw everything up. AND I reached my goal. The real test is getting to record it here for my Friday weigh in though. So I am going to do well today :) VERY well :) 

Car still isn't fixed. I still have a headache.
BUT, it is a beautiful sunny day, might even get to 70! AND... I got a Medal!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! :)

I hope you all have a great day :)

"Biggest Loser" Couple Are Getting Married

Awww :)
Just sharing a little good news I saw first thing this morning.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Faked It :)

One thing about posting everything the next morning, is I am getting very forgetful. It makes for a shorter post, so maybe you all are happy about it lol :)
WELL, I remembered stuff, so this is a long one haha!

I completely forgot to tell you about how well I did "Faking It!" When my brother helped me at the laundromat yesterday, he tried his best to force me to go to Burger King with him, as it was right across the street. Do you know how long it's been since I had Burger King? I would have to check, but my guess is about 3 months. He said "You want some Burger King?" I immediately thought of this post from Margie M. "No." I said, which was a lie. I wanted a whopper! He said "You don't like whoppers?" I said "Yeah, but no, I don't need any." He may have thought it was because of money, and he says "They have lots of stuff on that dollar menu." NO thanks I tell him. "Why? Have you eaten yet? What are you going to eat?" He demanded. A sandwich or something when I get home... "Are you sure?" haha, he would not give up! "Yeah I'm sure. I'm trying to stay away from the fast food." SO he finally gave up. He said "Oh, well that's good I guess." haha, which means "Awesome Tina! But now I have to go pig out by myself." haha, I know that's what he meant :)
We even joked about it when we got home. Ray was here and my brother told him how he tried to force me to eat it and gave me the 3rd degree. I said "Yeah, he pretty much shined a flashlight in my face and demanded to know why, and what I would be eating. He tried to drag me out the door..." LOL :)
So yeah, I was proud of myself.
If I hadn't just read that post I think I would have given in and had it! Seriously!!! Thank you Margie M!!!

That was Monday.

Here's what I ate yesterday (Tuesday):
Coffee: 61
Breakfast: 470
1 waffle with Lite Syrup, 1 egg, 1 sausage patty
Lunch: 573
1 1/2 cups left over tuna helper with 3/4 cup peas, 1 cup ff skim milk
Dinner: 410
1 cup rice, 1 cup stir fried veggies (w soy sauce), 1 slice lightly buttered whole wheat toast, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: 269
.7 oz almonds, 1.1 oz honey roasted almonds
Snack: 160
1/2 cup cookies and cream ice cream
Total Water: 44 oz
Total Calories: 1943
I did well for breakfast, that story goes a lot like the one with my brother. Ray made breakfast, all I wanted was a waffle and a sausage patty. Then he says he's making eggs even though I didn't want any, I gave in and told him ONE. Then he goes to put in 2 waffles, and I said "I only want ONE." But he did 2 anyway. He gets it done, and made me TWO eggs also. Then he made his toast. I took ONE of everything, and stuck to the plan. SOOOO he ended up with 3 eggs, 1 waffle, 2 pieces of toast and a sausage patty. LOL, maybe now he'll listen to me next time!
I was busy all day, and didn't have any snacks. By dinner I was starving. I over ate, and was full when I was done. Not stuffed, but full.
Later I got the munchies and decided on almonds. I still wanted ice cream, and had some. Only 1/2 cup though. Then I wanted chips! So... I went to bed :)
I am proud of myself but also know there are a few places I could have cut calories here. For sure.

Treadmill: 31 minutes/ 1.15 mile, Incline 1. (Over a mile Woo Hoo!) A Biggest Looser Walk
Days in a Row: 4

I was sure this morning would be a gain, since I snacked late last night. Also because of all the sodium in soy sauce. BUT I'm at 279 :) One more pound to go to hit my goal Friday. I'm also weighing myself earlier than my Friday weigh ins, just so I don't forget I do it as SOON as I get up. So I am confident I will be at 278 Friday :) Woo Hoo!

The car isn't fixed, they worked on it 3 or 4 hours and it didn't work :( They are going to try again today... I'm not sure what will be different, and when I asked I still wasn't sure! The friend is a mechanic, so I figure he knows what he is doing. But I'm not getting my hopes up. I started getting stressed last night, but feel good now. (walking???)
Just keeping that serenity prayer in mind. There's nothing I can do about the car, so I'll concentrate on the things I CAN do. And concentrate on the good :)

Oh!!! Picked up the cookie dough... yes. I said COOKIE DOUGH. I am going to have to be very careful! I feel fine though :) I have my goal in mind and it will keep me on track....
till Friday! Bwah ha ha!!! ... just kidding :) It will be a little harder after Friday, but weighing in every day will hopefully help keep me on track and not eat half the cookies! (AND the other half of raw cookie dough LOL)

Ray just said he is making breakfast again, I'll be good. No matter if he listens or not! :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Loosing it!

Weight of course lol.
But today I'm thinking more along the lines of... MY MIND! :)

If you read at all yesterday, you saw that I'm pretty forgetful these last few days. That's ok though. I HAVE been remembering to weigh in every morning, so far so good.

Here's what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: 300
large bowl of MultiGrain Cheerios with ff skim milk
Coffee: 61
with 3 tsp hazelnut coffee mate and 1 tsp sugar ( I think I've found how I like it, and will keep it like that for now. Until I get more of that liquid creamer)
Lunch: 305
Tuna Sandwich on whole wheat sandwich thins, and a mindless extra pinch of cheddar (oops) water
Coffee: 61
Snack: 45
1 bite of cookies and cream ice cream
Dinner: 555
Chimichanga (frozen), 10 tortilla chips, 1/4 cup cheese over all, leftover fiesta style frozen veggies mixed with salsa, water
Snack: 196
17 Grapes (94 grams) and 20 Almonds (21 grams)
Total Water: 49 oz
Total Calories: 1550
Those veggies were ok yesterday, but just so... vegetable tasting lol. So today I put salsa in them and they were VERY yummy :) I guess I really didn't need 17 grapes and 20 almonds, but we were watching a movie and I felt like snacking... I'm proud of myself for not just grabbing the chips :)

Yesterday I got in a lot of exercise with all the laundry, and grocery shopping, and still got on the treadmill. I feel it in my back today, but I feel good :) My brother actually went with me to the laundromat! He helped me carry stuff and it seemed to be 10 times easier,that was really nice of him :)
Treadmill : 16 minutes/ .62 miles, Incline 1, 5 minutes with 2 LB weights
Total days in a row: 3

Got lots of laundry done, it's a beautiful day and I feel great.

My step dad's friend is in town and they are working on my car as we speak!!! ( So I may have my car back! I will be sooo happy, so relieved!!! so wish me luck!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you hate your "Old" Self?

Two other bloggers recommended this post, so I had to check it out.

I may get stressed out, and I may have issues... but over all I don't hate myself. I have never been one to hate myself, or call myself names. Ever.
But a lot of blogs I read do these things! It makes me feel so bad, seeing how hard some people are on themselves.
This post is about your old self, and your new self. I thought it was a great post. And even though I don't hate my old self, it reminded me to love myself more :)

Oops! I forgot!

I forgot to record my treadmill time for yesterday!
20 minutes/ .77 mile Incline #1, 2 LB weights for 5 minutes of it.
Days in a row: 2

I guess I'm a little scattered. I just have SO much running through my mind!
Today I go a ride from my Mom to pick up my son for his appointment. He got out of school an hour early for it, we get there and I fill out the paper work... "Ummm... you're appointment isn't until tomorrow." UGH. So I'll have to get a ride again, and he'll have to miss an hour of school again.... Ugh! But at least we'll be in and out since the paper work is done. And it's not far away...

And... You should have seen his smile :)

Daily Weigh In

I'm still weighing in every morning (2 whole days in a row lol)
As I've mentioned, I'm not going to report it every day here, just every Friday like usual. But I've added a link to my graph if anyone is curios :) It's over there just above my weekly weigh in list.


It's 35 degrees right now, and I'm cold. I feel bad my son has to walk to school in it. Really bad :(
Yesterday was kind of a crap day. Just one of those days I guess. I just feel like... why does everything go wrong ALL the time? I mean, I can see the phone getting fried in some freak electrical thing that didn't effect anything else lol. I can see having the dryer not working and having to go to the laundromat. I can see the car breaking down... but ALL OF IT AT THE SAME TIME? Why? AND after I just fixed the damn car, spending ALL the money we had saved? I don't know, I'm just tired of it, you know?

Also, When the car was out of service a couple weeks ago, no one in my family called once to see if I needed anything. Now that I have been without it again, for a week? Nothing. Do they think I just pull groceries out of my a**?
Ray's Mom has been nice and asking if we need anything, but she works, runs her other kids around, and lives across town. My Mom doesn't, and doesn't, and lives 7 minutes away. Whatever. I had to ask her to bring my son to school for camp and pick him up, which she did. Now today I have to do laundry, I asked my brother if he could bring me to the laundromat, to dry my clothes. He said yes, but I can tell he isn't happy about having to get up before noon (at 11:30am). Whatever. My Mom said she'd come get us later for my sons doc appointment, I'll ask her if she can run me to the store after. I'm sure she'll be fine with that.
It just sucks. I hate having to depend on others. And winter will be here before you know it, I hate my son having to walk to school. I hope we can get the car running soon, but it doesn't really look good. Ugh.

Here's what I ate Yesterday:
Lunch: 630
1 Chicken Wrap, 1/2 cup black beans and rice, water
Snack: 130
Fiber Plus Bar
Dinner: 504
1 cup tuna helper, 1 slice whole wheat toast (plain), 3/4 cup Veggies (fiesta mix, frozen) 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: 136
Apple slices (80 grams) 1 tbs peanut butter
Total Water: 33 oz
Total Calories: 1510
Not to bad. I didn't really care for the peanut butter with the apple. But hey, now I know :) Got in some fruits and veggies, so that's good. Not as much water as I would like. I try for at least 40 oz. The more the better.

I'm off to wash about 6 loads of laundry to take to dry. Yuck. The plan is for my brother to come hang out here with Ray, while I use his car and go to the laundromat. What fun.
At least I'll be warmer once I get at it huh? Bleh.

Let's end on a good note: At least it's not raining!!!! :)
And with all this laundry, I'll definitely be getting in exercise today! (laundry is upstairs, washer is in the basement. Up and down 2 flights of stairs all morning for me!)
Oh! I went to bed last night at 10:30!!!!! CRAZY!!! :)

I hope you all have a good day :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weighed In, and it's NOT Friday!

Good Morning!
Yeah, I know it's a little after noon lol. I stayed up watching Men Who Stare at Goats. It had it's funny parts, but over all I didn't think it was great. 3 out of 5? Anyway, I was up pretty late, and slept in until 11:20am.

Weighed in FIRST thing. After using the bathroom of course :) I'm at 279.4 this morning. Nice! 2.2 pounds gone since Friday? Can't ask for better than that! I know it's most likely because I slept all morning. I'm hoping that all the water I drank and smaller portions helped too :) I think weighing in every day is going to help me. Knowing I had to weigh in, made me say NO a lot yesterday. No second chicken wrap, no seconds on dinner, No snacking late last night. BUT I won't let my self get crazy, you can see by my eating that I didn't starve myself- not even close lol. And I know from watching Margie M's daily weigh ins that it goes up and down, and it's normal. So I won't let that bother me, PROMISE! If I start acting obsessed, let me know! I won't be recording my daily weight here, just over at the Weight Loss Tracker

Here's what I ate yesterday:
Snack: 40
1/2 bite sized snickers
Lunch: 645
Ray's Chicken wrap (baked this time not fried, that's a first!), Water
Snack: 200
MultiGrain Cheerios with ff skim milk
Coffee: 84
Dinner: 805
5.7 oz chicken, 2/3 cup of red beans and rice, 1 cup ff skim milk
Total Water: 53 oz
Total Calories: 1774
As I mentioned yesterday, I thought I had done pretty well, until I added up the calories. I knew the wrap was high (even though lower than usual) but I way under estimated dinner. Oh well. I'm fine with 1774.

Treadmill: 20 minutes/ .77 mile Incline on 1, with 2 pound weights for 5 minutes of it
Total days in a row: 1

K, there you have it.
I feel a lot better today about all of it, and being able to see my weight in a graph at the weight loss tracker is helping me I think. I feel more motivated. :) Keeping track of the Days in a row on the treadmill should keep that in check too. I feel good. I set that goal of 278 for Friday and I REALLY want to hit it!!!
It's a beautiful day so far. It says 52 degrees, but it is nice and sunny so from inside the house it looks beautiful anyway lol.
I hope it is where ever you are also! Have a GREAT DAY!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Post

It's late, and I've decided to do post in the morning, for the day before. That way I will be able to stick with my "Get to bed by midnight" rule. That doesn't go for Saturdays, but I'm tired lol. My brother lost his internet, so transferred his NetFlix account to our Xbox, so me and Ray are going to pick a movie for the night. Don't know how long we'll have Netflix, just till his month runs out. I think he cancelled it today... so maybe the whole month??? :)

I did Ok today. I THOUGHT I did really well, until I added up the calories. I'll do a full post on it tomorrow, but it came to 1774 and while it's not TO bad, I could have done better. I DID get on the treadmill. I'm going to take Marks advise and start counting again. I think that will keep me on track.

I'm also going to weigh in every day. Yep, EVERY day lol. So I can track it in my weight loss tracker (see last post). It is going to be weird!!! We'll see how it goes. It might really help me, or it might make me crazy. I'll be recording it there and recording it weekly here like always.

K, see you in the morning! Have a good night!

Oh, any suggestions on movies we should watch while we take advantage of the Netflix?

I Found Something You Might LIKE!

I had to quick come and share with you.
I've been following Mark over at Fatophobia for a while now. I never signed up for the weight loss tracker or any thing. I was curious, but I just figured I keep track of all that here. Well, now he also has a place to Share, and I thought I might as well sign up, so I can take advantage of that and comment when I want, ect.
I checked out the Tracker today, and I have to say, it's pretty awesome!
I'm not one to weigh in EVERY day, but it has that option... It also has a food diary option (haven't checked that out yet).
It keeps track of your "target" dates, which I thought was pretty nice too. You know I don't do target weights, but as I said yesterday, I really want to do well this week and get back in the green. I need a jump start to get my ass in gear lol. So I set my target for next Friday (weigh day) and I want to weigh 278 pounds. So we will see!!! You can also set your goal weight, and any other targets. It has a calendar and a chart that keeps track of your weight. I like it :) In fact, I wish I would have signed up earlier! Maybe I will try and weigh in ever day, for just a little while! I'll see if it helps or makes me CRAZY. lol :)
I put in my info, and found out my BMI is 43.6. I was curios, and just never took the time to check it out. That's probably pretty horrible, but at least now I know. And now I will be able to keep track of it.
Oh, and by info- I meant name, email, height, weight, and a user name to go by (TinaM). You don't have to fill out some long form or anything, Or I wouldn't have done it lol! Easy Peasy.
Ok, that's all I wanted. Had to share because I think it's pretty cool. You should check it out!

Thanks Mark!

I'll be back later for your regularly scheduled program :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weigh Day... Oh The Horror!!!

First let me thank 2 new faces! Lanie Painie and Laura W. Thank you so much for joining me in My Day! Maybe I should say THREE new faces, since the picture for Lanie Panie are 2 very cute platypuses! SO cute, I never thought them cute before seeing that picture :)

Alright, now to the weigh in.
It wasn't pretty... so brace yourselves :(
And the scale says....
That is a Gain of 3.4 pounds this week
and makes my Total Lost 38.4 Pounds

Was on the treadmill only 3 times this week
Making the totals 1 hour 10 minutes
and 2.55 miles


I knew it would be a gain, but didn't know it would be so much. BUT I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
I know exactly why I gained, eating to much, only walking 3 days instead of 7. Simple. Now I need to fix it.
I got an award the other day from Shielah, and now have 2 new followers... on top of all you that support me already!!! Great reasons to be motivated and get my butt back in gear!!!
Why does it feel so hard?
I really don't know. I have lost motivation, and it's been kind of hard getting it back... Now look at me, back in the 280s. I NEVER wanted to see the 280s EVER EVER again!!! Grrr! I can only be mad at myself. I look at that list on the side of my weigh ins... and I'm the same weight I was 14 weeks ago. I feel like I have wasted  14 weeks, just poured them down the drain!

But it's time to take a deep breath and concentrate on what needs to be done.
Yesterday's Gone, Live for Today.
I have to remember that. I have to remember how good it felt to hit that 40 pounds lost mark, and make sure I do it this week!!! I want out of the 280s! If I put some effort into it, I'll get out of them for good this week. If I really work hard, maybe I can get back in the green by loosing 3.6 pounds. Then I would be at 42 pounds lost, where I was 3 weeks ago! I won't be mad if I don't hit 3.6, but I'm going to try. You know I usually don't set number goals for myself, but this week I am really going to try and hit that number. It WILL be a loss, and I'll do my best to get 3.6 :)

Get on the treadmill EVERY day
Eat Small portions
Get to bed no later than midnight
No fast food
Stop snacking so much
That's not so bad, and I know that's ALL I need to do. I'm not stuck at this weight because of a plateau, I'm stuck because I just haven't been putting in the work! So I should consider myself lucky. I have yet to really hit a plateau, and I see how frustrating that is! I just need to get rededicated. After I hit that 40th day in a row of being on the treadmill, I missed 2 days, but got back on it. I told myself "see, you don't have to do it EVERY day, it's still habit." Well it's been 2 weeks and now I missed FOUR days this week. NOT GOOD. I HAVE to do it EVERY DAY!

Today was pretty stressful, more money problems, and more stress I don't need! BUT before I go to bed, I'm going to concentrate on the good of today, and what made me smile :)
It was a beautiful day :)
Ray made me smile, he always does :)
My son got home from camp! It's so nice to have him home! :)
There, that feels better.
And a new one: Today is the last day I will be in the 280s!!! Damn it!!! :)

I'm pretty tired again tonight, so going to read up on your blogs and then getting to bed! Should be before Midnight, if I'm not done- I'll go anyway!!! :)
Goodnight All!