Friday, October 1, 2010

Weigh Day... Oh The Horror!!!

First let me thank 2 new faces! Lanie Painie and Laura W. Thank you so much for joining me in My Day! Maybe I should say THREE new faces, since the picture for Lanie Panie are 2 very cute platypuses! SO cute, I never thought them cute before seeing that picture :)

Alright, now to the weigh in.
It wasn't pretty... so brace yourselves :(
And the scale says....
That is a Gain of 3.4 pounds this week
and makes my Total Lost 38.4 Pounds

Was on the treadmill only 3 times this week
Making the totals 1 hour 10 minutes
and 2.55 miles


I knew it would be a gain, but didn't know it would be so much. BUT I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
I know exactly why I gained, eating to much, only walking 3 days instead of 7. Simple. Now I need to fix it.
I got an award the other day from Shielah, and now have 2 new followers... on top of all you that support me already!!! Great reasons to be motivated and get my butt back in gear!!!
Why does it feel so hard?
I really don't know. I have lost motivation, and it's been kind of hard getting it back... Now look at me, back in the 280s. I NEVER wanted to see the 280s EVER EVER again!!! Grrr! I can only be mad at myself. I look at that list on the side of my weigh ins... and I'm the same weight I was 14 weeks ago. I feel like I have wasted  14 weeks, just poured them down the drain!

But it's time to take a deep breath and concentrate on what needs to be done.
Yesterday's Gone, Live for Today.
I have to remember that. I have to remember how good it felt to hit that 40 pounds lost mark, and make sure I do it this week!!! I want out of the 280s! If I put some effort into it, I'll get out of them for good this week. If I really work hard, maybe I can get back in the green by loosing 3.6 pounds. Then I would be at 42 pounds lost, where I was 3 weeks ago! I won't be mad if I don't hit 3.6, but I'm going to try. You know I usually don't set number goals for myself, but this week I am really going to try and hit that number. It WILL be a loss, and I'll do my best to get 3.6 :)

Get on the treadmill EVERY day
Eat Small portions
Get to bed no later than midnight
No fast food
Stop snacking so much
That's not so bad, and I know that's ALL I need to do. I'm not stuck at this weight because of a plateau, I'm stuck because I just haven't been putting in the work! So I should consider myself lucky. I have yet to really hit a plateau, and I see how frustrating that is! I just need to get rededicated. After I hit that 40th day in a row of being on the treadmill, I missed 2 days, but got back on it. I told myself "see, you don't have to do it EVERY day, it's still habit." Well it's been 2 weeks and now I missed FOUR days this week. NOT GOOD. I HAVE to do it EVERY DAY!

Today was pretty stressful, more money problems, and more stress I don't need! BUT before I go to bed, I'm going to concentrate on the good of today, and what made me smile :)
It was a beautiful day :)
Ray made me smile, he always does :)
My son got home from camp! It's so nice to have him home! :)
There, that feels better.
And a new one: Today is the last day I will be in the 280s!!! Damn it!!! :)

I'm pretty tired again tonight, so going to read up on your blogs and then getting to bed! Should be before Midnight, if I'm not done- I'll go anyway!!! :)
Goodnight All!


  1. Truly, I lose my motivation at some point, for just a few moments, every single day. Every day I wonder if I can go on or if it is really worth it. Then, somewhere the drive to keep going pops back in. If you never give up, Tina, your motivation will also pop back in. It may pop back out again (yes, it will many times) but hang in there and it will return.

    You can do it.

    Margie M. writes at:

  2. Thank you so much Margie. You are such an inspiration, and PROOF that it can be done :)

  3. If it helps to stay on track with the treadmill, why not start a new daily count? You did great last time and managed well over a month of continuous exercise. That'll get you out of the 280s in no time :)

  4. Good for you on settng some goals. Which is the hardest on the list? Really concentrate on that one today and conquer it.


  5. Grrrrr, get made at the 280's and get rid of them. You can do it, Tinal. You have been through a lot of emotionally tough times lately, but you can do it!!! By setting goals you are moving in the right direction.

  6. Mark, I just hated the thought of having to start over with the count after I missed that day. UGH! But you're right, that did keep me on track, and proud of the number as it went up. I'm going to go ahead and start over :) Thank you Mark!!! Great idea :)

    Shiela, I would have said the fast food one in a heart beat before... but I haven't been doing so bad with that one for once! Just this week. The hardest RIGHT NOW would be not snacking so much. I FORGOT to add drink more water! That alone will probably help with the snacking :) Thanks!

    Ha, I knew what you meant Just Me. I am, I hate the 280s!!! I am kicking them out of my life once and for all this week!!!! Woo Hoo!
    Thanks :)