Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fight Night always makes me feel better :)

Thank you for your kind comments :) I did much better yesterday. I'll be back later to post it all. Right now wanted to quick check in so you know I didn't go back off the deep end :)

Today I did good too, as far as eating. But I woke up with a HORRIBLE head ache. Ray took care of me all day, and I only got off the recliner to use the bathroom and to puke. (tmi? sorry) I felt awful. It was a combination of the migraine, and trying to take medicine in an empty stomach I guess. I ate crackers but that didn't help. I finally felt a little better around 4:30pm and got up and dressed.
I still have a head ache, but it's SOOO much better. I am pretty hungry now, and will have to take care not to over eat!

Bellator starts in a few minutes. It's on Fox Sports, it's MMA fighting. You know we are some MMA nuts, so we were already looking forward to the fights. But now I'm even more exited because I recently found out that one of the weight loss blogs I follow, Mama Page, has son is fighting tonight! How cool is that!!!! Not that I KNOW her lol, but... you know how it is here in blog land :) We don't know each other, but we do right? lol :) So I'll be cheering on Chris Page! I hope that was ok to share Mama Page!!! :)
There is chips and cheese, and I know I'll have some. I just won't have a LOT. And there is pop, but I won't have ANY!!!!!
Have a good night!

I'm back. Looks like I'll be waiting another 3 and a half hours to watch, since Fox Sports has a football game on. Ugh. That's ok, I can wait. maybe I'll drink some coffee hehe. Here's a link if you like MMA
have a good night!


  1. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well :(

  2. Thanks Mark.
    I am actually feeling sick again tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to stay up and watch the fights later...
    Maybe I have some kind of stomach flu or something... I rarely get sick. MAYBE it has something to do with how I have been eating... I don't know.
    Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!

  3. Yeah it was okay to share. Unfortunately he lost. I think they shook him up a little before his fight and that didn't help since he was already nervous with it being his Bellator debut. He was already the underdog - the guy he fought is undefeated and nobody has ever made it out of the first round with him. He was supposed to be the 6th bout (the 4th one televised) and they had to do some changes and ended up moving him to second without much notice. It was kind of, "you're next." To make matters worse the first bout of the night was his cornerman and all his team support guys were down at the ring with him while Christopher was waiting by himself with nobody to warm him up or anything. So, his fight wasn't televised live, but will surely show up on highlights. Later after he mellowed a little after his loss he laughed and said "Mom, I'm a F-in highlight reel." (Pardon the language). I laughed and said "it's the risk you take." Even though he's extremely disappointed, he took it well. Won't be the last they see of him. His next fight is scheduled for the end of November and they told him last night they are already working on getting him back on a Bellator card. Sadly, he had a bunch of friends who bought tickets (a couple of people spent $250 for ringside seats) and most missed his fight because they moved it up on the card by over an hour. There were a couple of other really good fights though.

  4. Ok Good :)
    I got to see it, I felt so bad when he lost!!! But everybody starts somewhere :) He'll get better and better!
    That is to bad about how it all went!!! That's not fair at all to him!!! I'm glad to here he is fighting again soon, and them trying to get him back on the Bellator Card maybe shows that they KNOW it wasn't fair to do that to him. Also shows that they see some potential, or they probably wouldn't even try right? So that's good :)
    When I watched it, it was later. Out of all those fights I think I only got to see 3!!! So I'm glad his was one of them, next time it will be better :)