Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting You All Caught Up...

I figure since I didn't get up the nerve to start this in the beginning of the year, I might as well catch you up!

I have been doing pretty good until last week. I was sick and fell right off the wagon onto my ass! I ate a lot and didn't even care about my portions. I think that's what really got me to do this, because I'm scared of giving up... and I guess writing what I eat everyday just for myself wasn't enough anymore!!! It had worked up until now, but I guess I need a little more to motivate me...
As of yesterday I am feeling pretty good. My voice isn't back to normal, but other then that I feel great. Even though I ate horrible all week, only got on the treadmill twice early in the week, did nothing else as far as physical activity, drank pop and hardly no water... I lost a pound!!! I was sure I would gain 4! I can't explain that at all, but it really helped me want to get back at it, and not give up!

For 2 weeks before i got sick I was on the treadmill almost every day. Usually about 30 minutes, but I did work my way up to a whole HOUR once while watching Biggest Looser!!! I was so proud of myself!!! Now that I feel better I really want to do the treadmill everyday. Even if it's only for 15 minutes sometimes, I have to at least get on it.
A note about the treadmill: I got it in April of 2008. I had this whole plan about walking while I watched TV, but that was shattered when it came and I was to short to see the TV over the console LOL. So it was facing the other way. Oh I had my times when I was dedicated to walking on it, but they were all short lived and it became a blanket rack. But now I AM dedicated to it, and it will no longer be collecting dust! My fiance turned it around for me, because he thought the TV and stand we got last summer is higher... and he was RIGHT! So watching TV and walking has already made it so much easier to do. Now it doesn't feel like such a chore! So back on it today!!!

Physical Activity is something I really lacked my whole life. It is going to be very important to my weight loss and getting healthy. So I will be keeping track of that.
Also what I eat everyday, most important HOW MUCH of it I eat.

I am making changes that I feel I could get used to and keep up with for the rest of my life. SO there is no use in trying to deprive myself. I will eat what I want, but ONLY a little :) Except for pop, I am trying to cut that out completely since I get horrible caffeine withdraw head aches and it is ALWAYS in the house. Nothing else has worked for me, so I have to JUST SAY NO. I am trying to like fruits and vegetables, so far baby carrots and apples are the only ones that I can say are REALLY part of my diet (and not as many apples as there should be)

While I am getting healthy, I am trying to also change my son's eating habits. This all is hard work but I KNOW it is all worth it.

Last but not least, I'm sure you want to know the dreaded details for the NUMBERS. Well, I said this was going to be the whole truth and nothing but!!! So here you go:
My highest weight EVER was 12/23/2009. I weighed in at 317 pounds. Here is a copy of the chart I have been keeping for myself:

Date- Weight- Weight Lost- TOTAL Weight Lost

01/01/2010---310----7---------7 pounds
01/08/2010---308----2---------9 pounds
01/15/2010---308----0---------9 pounds
01/22/2010---309---+1---------8 pounds
01/29/2010---307----2--------10 pounds
02/05/2010---303----4--------14 pounds
02/11/2010---303----0--------14 pounds
02/19/2010---302----1--------15 pounds

So now we are all caught up! I have lost 15 pounds in the last 8 weeks! While it may not be a lot, I am VERY PROUD of it! Weigh In Day is on Friday, just because the 1st happened to fall on one. And weighing in on Sundays never worked before so Fridays it is! lol. See you then, for some more loss!!!!


  1. Tina, I am so proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to post the truth even if you know that the people who read it don't know you from Adam. I'll be here to support you as you have been for me. Keep up the good work and get rid of the pop. The caffene will increase your appetite. Way to go Tina!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Tessa! Even though we don't "know" each other, we have had our weight loss journey in common- and your comment really means a lot!!!!!
    Hopefully with a little support, this up hill battle will be a little easier.

  3. Wow, I am proud of you for actually posting your weight. I am too chicken to do it. I keep saying I will post it when I lose 100 lbs! LOL

  4. Haha thanks Megan! Yeah... I almost didn't! It's ok if you don't :)
    ...even though we all want to know what it is LOL! We will see it soon enough though, you are losing so fast.