Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days of Our Lives Walking Plan

I didn't blog last night. I woke up with a headache yesterday, it got worse all day so I went to bed early.
You didn't miss much. I made a salad for the first time in probably a year. I used spinach and romaine lettuce which is a first, all previous salads in my life have been iceberg lettuce.
 My fiance made breakfast again, but this time I was VERY proud of myself. JUST ONE pancake, JUST ONE scrambled egg and a glass of orange juice :) woo hoo! So that's the good part. I am not against having more then one if you need to, but I really am not hungry in the morning, so I don't need more then one. Also I had a chocolate pie for snack, but only half of it!!! That's another first for me, only eating half of something I love just because i know its bad for me.
The bad part of yesterday is that I didn't get any exercise. I mean NONE, not even housework. I did absolutely nothing. I'm bummed out about that, I wanted this week to be the first week I did the treadmill EVERY day, but it's ok. I'm not mad at myself, it's not like I wanted a headache... As long as I do the treadmill the rest of the week I'll be happy. Next week hopefully will be my first week doing it everyday!

I plan on walking during Days of Our Lives. That is my soap for the last 13 years or so... I'm not addicted, I could stop at any time!!! LOL! So any way, that would be every week day. I'll walk as long as I can, and eventually be able to walk the whole hour its on! That's my Days of Our Lives Walking Plan :) That goes along with things I can get used to and do for the rest of my life, slowly but surely I will make these positive changes till they are just a natural part of everyday life....

Now to today. I'm trying to measure my food out. I don't have a scale so just measuring cups and tablespoons for me lol. Measuring out what I put in my tuna sandwich shows me I should probably cut everything in half. So next time I'm going to try that. 1/2 the can of tuna, 1/2 the miracle whip, 1/2 the cheese. I love my tuna sandwiches, lately I crave them. Don't know whats up with that, but I eat them all the time. So cutting everything in half will be a big deal for me, and will also help me I'm sure!
Here's My Day:
Breakfast: 8 oz of Orange Juice
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich (1 5 oz can packed in water, 1 1/2 tbs miracle whip, 1/4 cup cheddar, 2 slices white bread, hot banana peppers), 8 baby carrots with 1 tbs ranch, Water
Snack: Apple Fruit Pie
Snack: 1 cup of MultiGrain Cheerios with 1/2 cup 2% milk
Dinner: Spinach and romaine salad with 1 tbs light ranch, 8 croutons, 1/8 cup of cheese. 9 tortilla chips topped with a little cheese and leftover taco soup.
Total Water Today: 36 oz
Treadmill: 31 minutes (1 mile), 10 minutes of that carrying 2 LB weights
Crunches: 100 (5 sets of 20)

Tessa mentioned I should watch my carbs, I definitely agree.
I'm really trying to take baby steps so I don't get overwhelmed, and right now I'm eating what I want- just LESS of it. And trying to add healthier items (veggies and salad were pretty much non-existent before January 1st 2010) Now I'm trying to measure also. So my cereal will be 1 cup instead of how ever much I can cram into a bowl LOL.
And EXERCISE. This is also a big change for me. I think I can handle my Days of Our Lives Plan though :)These are the things I've changed for now, but I will try to start changing more and more. And of course ALL suggetions are welcome!


  1. Measuring my food is important to me. I know for myself the investment of a scale has been a blessing this time around. They are relatively inexpensive at Wal-Mart and a real eye opener. You would be surprised just how much 4 oz can be once it is measured and put on a plate. Good for you on cutting things back. I know how hard that is, especially giving up the things that we love and crave. Cravings play a big role in weight loss and when mine get out of control that is when I take a header of the wagon. Chocolate is my worse downfall. Anything with choclate on it or in it will set me off on a feeding frenzy that can last for days. So in order to satisfy that I bought some little miniature chocolate bars (about 30 calories each) and when I get the craving that doesn't stop I'll have one and it seems to satisfy me. Someone once said that it's only the first two bites that satisfy the craving, the rest is redunant. Keep going the way you are and the results will show soon.

  2. I was thinking about buying a scale to weigh food on. Money is VERY tight right now, but when I can, maybe I should invest in one!
    Wow, that's great you can keep chocolates around for cravings. I have tried that before, but it just doesn't work for me. We usually have them around for the holidays and I eat one and can't stop!!! Maybe after I have really changed and stuck with it for a while, it won't be such a problem lol.
    Thank you for your support Tessa!!!!