Friday, June 18, 2010

Phone Call from Dear Mother... (A little stress, continued)

You get two post in one night! Woo Hoo! (actually, I'm very sorry lol)
Well, I called it didn't I??? I wrote that my mother would expect my son to stay the night this weekend. After my last post, she called. Enjoy:

I pick up on the first ring, a little annoyed since everyone knows Ray has to be to work at 4am, and it is now almost midnight.
Me: Hello
Mom: Hi, What you doin? (she is in a very good mood. I can tell she must be really high)
Me: Nothing (I can't help but be annoyed, I just got done writing about her in my blog)
Mom: Does my grandson want to spend the night tomorrow?
Me: I don't know, I...
Mom: (interrupting me) Well, I want him later in the day, no earlier then about 2 or 3...
Me: (interrupting her) What's going on with you?
Mom: What do you mean??????????? (Most likely thinking I'm talking about her calling me all blew out)
Me: Well, have you talked to Jeff? Have you been to the doctor? Are you on a bunch of drugs? What's up? I really didn't plan on him staying the night this weekend.
Mom: Oh! I didn't think of any of that.... Jeff was supposed to come over and talk yesterday, and today........ but hasn't........ Yeah..... maybe your right. Maybe it's NOT a good idea! :) (still VERY CHEERY which only annoys me more) I'll have him on Tuesday! :)...... yeah that will be better....... No I didn't get the xanax... but I had a good talk with the doctor about that!!!!!!! Rhonda (another of her cousins) took me and sat in on my appointment. Oh, I have to go. Love you bye.

Holy Crap. Like anything will be better Tuesday!!!!!! Sometimes I just want to scream "Mom! Get your shit together and give me a frickin break!!!!" ugh... but I don't. And I don't get high because someone in this family has to stay sober. I don't drink hardly ever, because I enjoy it to much and am always afraid I won't want to stop... I'm afraid I could become an alcoholic very easily...  my love for my son is the only reason I'm not wasted every frickin day... I'll take this time to let you know that I feel like an outcast in my family because I don't smoke weed 24 hours a day... if only they knew what it was like to deal with the world and not be high... they have no idea what I go through. Life is hard sober.
And that little comment about her cousin taking her? She wants ME to take her. Even though she knows I HATE driving, especially down town. She wants me to go and have an appointment with her. I have mentioned this before, I don't want to. I will take her if I HAVE to, but me going in there will NOT help her! What would come of it??? Tell her counselor she was a shit mom? And that I disagree with her whole "I can't live without weed, it's good for me" self diagnoses. Some people benefit from it, SHE is not one of them. I can't see ANYTHING good coming out of me going in there with her. I'm not doing it.

Ok, now I'm definitely stressed. I'm very happy that there is NO vodka in the house!


  1. I read both of these posts about your Mom - and wow. Just wow.

    I cannot even imagine a dope smoking mother, let alone a grandmother. What is wrong with people?

    Take care and keep your son safe. And away from her.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. I know it's not funny but I have to chuckle at SkippyMom's comment about a dope smoking mother/grandmother. That's terrible!

    Is it wrong of me to be just a teensy, tinsy bit happy that I'm not the only one with an effed up family? I also don't drink very much, very often because I'm so afraid I'll turn into my dad (or sister, for that matter...but not sure genetics moves I think dad is the right one).

    If you end up driving downtown be safe. You're in my thoughts. :)

  3. Thanks SkippyMom. yeah, it's messed up- but normal at the same time lol. Does that make sense? It's all I've ever known, but that doesn't make it right. I just want better for my son and will do what it takes to make sure of that. I hope your girls appreciate what a loving set of parents they have :)

    Thanks Shauna. No it's not wrong, lol. I think that's part of the reason I still watch Days of Our Lives (or why people watch any soap), besides just entertainment... I can be like "Wow, that's F'd UP! At least my family isn't that bad." LOL :)