Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Nice Long Walk

Today was beautiful!
The pic is actually from last week after a rain, but hey. I like it. hehe.
Not to mention my camera isn't working at the moment!
 At 1:30 pm today, it was 69 degrees out! Such a nice break from the mid 80s!!! I decided we HAD to go out and enjoy the weather. So I forced my son to stop playing his video games and come take a walk with me :) He only hated it for the first 30 minutes haha. After that we both enjoyed it. We walked to the library and he picked out 2 books (one about reptiles and one about dinosaurs, tried to get him to pick a reading book, but that was a no go. He always gets the science books.) Then we walked all the way back home. It was a LONG walk, but it was very nice. All my muscles hurt now, but I feel good. I know it would have been easier on me if I would have been on the treadmill every day... but before January first of this year, I know I wouldn't have been able to do it. A year ago it would have killed me, I wouldn't even THINK of taking a walk like this. This is out first time walking to the library, but definitely NOT our last! :)

What I ate Today:
Breakfast: (150) 3/4 iced coffee
Lunch: (511) Tuna sandwich (1 can, 1 tbs miracle whip, 1/8 cup cheddar, hot pepper rings) on whole wheat, 5 baby carrots w 1 tbs light ranch, 8 sun chips, Water
Snack: (340) about 1 cup of ice cream
Dinner: (575) left overs- 1 bowl of taco salad, 1 hard shell taco. Water
Snack: (280) bowl of Capn Crunch with 1 cup ff skim milk
Drink: (50) 1/4 iced coffee
Total Water: 40 oz
Total Calories: 1906
I forgot to mention yesterday, that this is the first time I didn't have 'double decker' style tacos in a LONG time. EVERYTIME I make tacos, I have a soft shell, with beans and then a hard shell in that, broken in half for more room, and then whatever else I'm putting in the taco. The last few times I only had 2 of these double deckers, but that is still A LOT of calories. This time, I didn't have any :) Today I didn't have any pop either, oh I thought about it! I looked at that pepsi and thought about how good it would be with my taco salad... but I passed :) Today has to be the LEAST I have ever eaten on taco night lol. Woo Hoo!

Walk: 42 minutes there, 36 minutes back. Total 1 hour and 18 minutes of walking.
If I had to guess, I would say it was a mile and 1/2 each way, So total distance 3 miles. We walked a little faster on the way back I think... Actually... the extra 6 minutes on the way is probably because I forgot my library card and had to turn around! haha! And trust me, that did NOT make my son any more happy about the situation!!!!! But it all worked out :)
We had a very nice walk :)
You know I have been having such a hard time getting on the treadmill lately. I'm hoping after today I will look at the treadmill and think "One mile??? Shooooot, that ain't nothin! I can do that!!!" Haha, wish me luck!!!! Hopefully this was the jump start I needed!

I have let my son pretty much play his video games and not got on him to much since he's been out of school. BUT he knows whats coming lol. Today was his jump start too. He has to have some kind of exercise if he wants to sit and play video games. Especially since he doesn't have to walk home from school now, and middle school next year is a little further... I would rather he play outside than get on the treadmill for sure. But there's not a lot of kids his age around here, and I don't force him because of the neighborhood. So if he doesn't play outside he has to get on the treadmill. As of now that's the rules. Outside play, or one mile of treadmill, Or 1/2 half mile of treadmill and Crunches. I want him to stay active, and I don't want him to end up like me. I don't think that's to much, is it??? 1 mile is a little more than he'll be walking home from school next fall. I think it's fine. Maybe we'll work in the Wii Sports into it somehow... we'll see :)


  1. I love the walk to the library - wish we had one within walking distance I would be there everyday.

    Two things my kids do ALL the time is bike riding and swimming - I bought Wallene a bike at Wal Mart [even ordered it online] for $35!!! It's a nice bike too. I don't know if you neighborhood is conducive to riding a bike [busy streets or whatnot] but they love it. Now if I just keep Wallene from running into walls - we'd be all set. hee!

    Good job with the exercise.