Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My baby boy turned 12 yesterday.... how did this happen? Where did the time go?
This is the lovely cake he picked out :) It is DELICIOUS, but we'll get back to that...

We had a get together Sunday for him. Ray's Mom, brother, niece. My Mom, step dad, 2 of my brothers. We had a good time. He picked out Ray's chicken wraps for his Bday dinner and Ray made them for everyone.
Food still plays a big part in our celebrations as you can see. I don't really think there's so much wrong with that, if it is only for that day, if I controlled my portions, and moved on... and that's a big IF.

Well, now I officially feel old lol. 12, in middle school, he's growing up on me!!! Isn't there some kind of potion to stop that????

Happy Birthday, to the best son a mother could hope for.


  1. Happy Birthday Riko!

    That cake looks awesome and I love chicken wraps. Sounds like Riko has great taste :)

  2. Thanks Mark!
    Yes, he has great taste lol. To good I guess, considering I did so bad with resisting it!!! :)
    (not an excuse, I know!)

  3. Special occasions don't count! It'd be so boring if we never had any tasty treats :)

  4. Oh I totally agree :) But we celebrated on Sunday, now it's been 2 days more of eating cake and ice cream... I can't do that. To many special occasions in a year for me to eat like that for days afterwards each time lol!

    You posted a great comment on my 'something in the air' post. I read it in my email. But it's not here on the blog? It doesn't say "removed by author" or anything... but did you take it down? Or is there something screwy with blogger and it didn't post it?
    Anyway, it was a great comment, thanks :) Just curious to what happened to it.

    Have a great day Mark!!!

  5. Awwww, 12 years old. I remember those days...not me, but when my daughter was 12. Cool cake. So nice to have a mother that loves him so much.

  6. Aw thanks Just Me :)
    The way I feel now... I just don't know what I'll do when he turns 18!!! Goes to college!!! Deep breaths... count to 10.... lol