Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 5 Words

The 5 words I picked were for the award in my last post.
I wanted to elaborate on it, 
because I thought a lot before settling on one.

Yesterday's Gone, Live for Today
 This applies to my weight loss journey,
Because I have tried to think this way,
I no longer have 'start over' days, weeks or months.
That has helped me tremendously,
not throwing away a whole week because I messed up.

It applies to my life too...
I was going to say "Forget Yesterday, live for Today"
but I don't want to forget.
Yesterday is what made me who I am,
and if I forget, I will not be me....
and I will repeat the mistakes of my past.

Again, that goes with my weight loss and my life.

Of course I have days
where thinking of yesterday affects me,
gets me down...
But it's part of my life.
I can't change it,
but I can learn from it.

I think this will be a new motto for me,
of course I won't forget the one I've lived by since I can remember
"It Could Always be Worse"
but I like this new one :)


  1. Blogger is hungry this morning - it ate my comment!
    So sorry if it shows up twice -

    "All There Is - Is Now!"
    5ive words - this is fun!

  2. Great 5 words, Tina. You said it perfectly.

  3. I really like this. I think it's so important to live in the moment. I am struggling with this right now as I've ended a relationship and feel like I wasted so much time, but I can only live for today. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow isn't here yet. Thank you for this! A perfect reminder!

  4. "It could always be worse" - If ever there was a timely and relevant phrase :)

    Thanks for checking in on me. Hope you're well :)

  5. Love your 5 words Anne h!!! :)

    Thank you Margie :)

    Lala That does sound pretty good for that type of situation also... move on, maybe even forgive but don't forget! Then we learn from the past. But live for today :)
    Thanks Lala :)

    No problem Mark! I hope you are too! Very nice to see you :)