Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust...

I wonder what the statistics are... Of obese people that TRY to loose weight and never do. How many succeed? How many go on and NEVER loose the weight?
 Let's start from the beginning...

The very FIRST weight loss blog I started following was in October of last year. We will call her S. I found S because she wanted to loose weight so badly, she even went on Good Morning America and said she was doing this blog and going to loose weight in front of the whole nation. I thought that was so brave and awesome! I hadn't seen that before (and wasn't in touch with the world of blogging AT ALL) So I followed her blog. WELL. Even though she had all this free stuff from the TV show, even though she had a free gym membership, even though she had the support of her husband and was a stay at home mom, she couldn't do it. At first I sympathised, I hadn't started my weight loss journey yet, and I just admired her for trying... but it wasn't long before she wasn't trying. Don't get me wrong! I have had a HORRIBLE 2 months, but I am still trying, still posting what I eat even though it is embarrassing at times. I KNOW this is hard work and is going to be a life long commitment for sure. But the main problem I had with S was all the excuses. Excuse after excuse after excuse. She should have been honest with us, and just told us that it was harder than she though it would be. Acknowledging that she could have done better... Or admitted that she was addicted to fast food, that would be fine... Even if she said 'this is what happened and I headed to the fridge because of how it made me feel' that would be understandable to most of us! But that wasn't the case. It was more like 'I CAN'T because... or 'or it's IMPOSSIBLE to eat right because of THIS'. Or 'I did the BEST I could with the circumstances.'
So ANYWAY, I think it was about January when she took her blog down for good. Leaving a note saying that even though she wants to be held accountable... she really doesn't want to be held accountable.... not in those words of course lol.
It's to bad, and I wish nothing but good things for her. I'm sure she was quite embarrassed that she failed in front of America. (I know I would be!!!) My HOPE is that she dusted herself off and is doing great! Honestly! I found her on Facebook, and would LOVE to hear that she is going string... if she answers me I'll let you know!
(I hope this didn't sound to judgemental, I was just sharing my thoughts. I am in NO position to judge... I just think we need to be honest with our selves and each other if we ever want to change. This blog is about "My Life, My Weight Loss Journey, and Whatever else I want to Ramble About." So I do write about my life sometimes. My stresses. While these things sometimes make loosing weight harder, I KNOW it is up to me to make the right decisions. And I SO HOPE that they don't look like excuses... They are just parts of my life that may contribute to my problem. Sometimes I give in and eat like crazy, but I KNOW that was MY doing, and MINE alone...)

So from the comments on that blog, I came across 2 other bloggers. One being Tessa. She already had a blog and after checking it out I decided to read it all and follow her journey! She is going through this weight loss battle like a lot of us. She has good days and bad days like a lot of us. She is HONEST about her mistakes and most important, keeps on trying. She has become a dear blogger friend to me, and I am so thankful for her support and encouragement :) So thankful that we found each other.

The other blogger I started following at that same time we'll call M. She, like myself, had decided to start her own blog and try to loose the weight. She is about my age with a total opposite life. She is one BUSY lady. She has 2 jobs, (one being a lawyer) and a young daughter. I followed her blog from the start. She started off SO GREAT, loosing very fast. She would take little breaks from blogging, but come back to catch us up. She gained a little when she was away, but was ready to try again each time and I respected her for that. The last 2 times she came back, it didn't last long. Last time I think she had gained almost all her weight back. BUT she wanted it so bad, and was still trying! Well, the other day I realized it had been a while since she had posted that she was "back." I'm guessing 3 weeks? I went to her blog to see any comments and if I somehow missed any new entries.
:( That truly made me sad. I can only think that she has given up on her weight loss journey, and my heart breaks for her. She wants to be able to play with her young child, to feel good about herself. All the things I want. It just goes to show how hard this is, and reinforce to me that I HAVE to do better before I wake up one day and have gained ALL my weight back. What would I do then? Give up??? I hate to say it, but yes. I probably would!

Anyway, S is the one that inspired me to do a blog in the first place. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be here. So even with all the excuses, I wish NOTHING but good things for her.
I hope M does go back to her weight loss journey. Whether she blogs about it or not, I really hope she is somewhere right now taking positive steps for her future.

So out of those first 3 blogs and mine, there is only Tessa and I. What does that say? 50%? I hope more than half the people that really try DO succeed! I am determined to be one of them! I will fall sometimes, but as long as I get back up and keep going- that's all that matters.

Almost all of the other blogs I follow about weight loss have been at it a long time. Have lost a lot and are still loosing, or even maintaining a great loss. They are doing awesome... but I wonder how many there are out there that start and don't finish? Out of the very few that I follow that are new to loosing weight, One more has already given up...
I started following a new blog yesterday. She JUST started last month. I kind of feel like I shouldn't get attatched... does that make sense??? BUT I caught up on all her post anyway, and am very interested and exited about her new journey :) I know she can do it!!!! I hope that everyone I follow succeeds and looses the weight!!! Maybe it's not realistic, but I TRULY hope it happens!!!!!! That includes me of course lol :)

What I ate today:
10am Drink: (67) 1/3 bottle iced coffee
Noon Brunch: (428) Scrambled eggs and ham (1 1/2 egg, 1 1/2 oz ham), slice of whole wheat buttered toast, 1 cup 2% milk
1:30pm Snack: (440) 4 choco chip cookies, 1 cup 2% milk
5pm Dinner: (550) 2 slices leftover bbq chicken DeLITE pizza, large romaine salad with 2 tbs sun dried tomato dressing, 5 croutons, 1/4 cup mozz cheese. Water. Pinch of mozz cheese ;)
9pm Snack: (71) 25 grapes (106 grams)
Total Water: 40oz
Total Calories: 1556
Definitely could be better, but I am fine with it :) The cookies are gone, so that's good lol.

I am going to try SO hard to get on a better schedule. I told my son that during the week we ARE going to go to bed at a descent time. No more staying up till I bring Ray to work, that is NOT working. So I will be going to bed soon, and if I do end up eating before then (i am hungry right now) it will be grapes, and I'll com back and write it tomorrow.

It's funny how invested I got into those blogs... I didn't know M or S and still was So disappointed! Have you had similar experiences? have you followed someone that gave up? How did it affect you???

PS: I ended up awake late again (more on that in next post), but I gave in and had a bowl of cereal. Still not to bad today over all...


  1. Tina, I to found about about weight lose blogging by following S. I thought to myself that if she can do it so can I and then when she gave up I became really disheartened. So I started looking around and found some others like SM and M and even B, who was part of our first challenge. Now I know SM and M do not need to lose weight but their support is invaluable to me. I thought about giving up numerous times and then thought no, this is the first time I have followed through with something for my weight and I am going to continue even if I don't do good. To me it's not about losing weight entirely but about getting healthy again so I can do the things I love to do. If you check my blog you will see that I have deleted some of the blogs I was following because they haven't posted in a very long time. Once in awhile I take a small break for various reasons but mostly because I am really busy or we have bad weather. I try never to be gone more than a couple of days at a time. I know I have a problem with food but most overweight people do. I have no problem posting what I weigh or what I eat because to be truthful with you no one that reads my blog knows me personally. I'm simply a name and a face due to my picture but that is all. My blog is like yours, it's about me, the good, the bad and the nerdy. I am glad that I found your blog and the more we continue together the closer we become. We could almost pass for sisters our stories are so parallel to each other. Don't think about the ones that have given up, wish them well and then concentrate on yourself, they aren't going to help you now. Hugs.

  2. I admire you for sticking to it and still trying, even though you have setbacks. I know that I need to get back on the wagon and get busy again. Even with my other schedule, I should still find some time to take care of me. My weight is about the same as it was when I posted last - maybe down .5 but that's all.

  3. I hear you Tessa! I have found SO much support and it really does make all the difference :) I feel so lucky to have somehow crossed path with MargieM, SkippyMom and Michaela, it amazes me. Others to of course. SmallerFunPants is also very inspiring. I could go on and on lol.
    That's great advise Tessa, to not think of the ones that didn't make it... it's hard though. I just think "That could be me..." I'm hoping that M and S had such an effect just because they (along with you) were my FIRST blogs... But I am even hoping B comes back! I know he was without Internet, I HOPE that is still the case and he is doing well.

    Breaks are ok lol. I don't want anyone to thing I expect them to blog every single day, or even every week if they can't. I have been trying to everyday, only because once I don't... I really DON'T lol. (Kind of like the treadmill, all it took was one day off and now look at me. I am dreading getting back on!) Hugs to you and thanks :)

    Thank you Teresa, I admire YOU. You are a strong woman with a lot to deal with. You may not have lost much yet, but that's ok! I am JUST NOW getting back on the wagon, and that's what matters is that we do. It took a long time to gain this and it will take a long time to lose. I hope you take more time out for you, not just because of the weight, but for your sanity lol :)

    To anyone reading this:
    I am back up and had to come reread my post! I was up in bed thinking about it, and wondering how people would take it... I hope I didn't offend anyone, that is NOT my intention at all. More to show how hard this really is! There is no shame in trying to loose weight and having a hard time. We ALL have had set backs, or issues that make it terribly hard. I guess you would have had to read S's Blog to know what I mean about the "excuses." I hope I haven't' sounded to harsh. A lot of the blogs I follow have serious issues/stress and that definatly plays a role in how well they do in their weight loss. Please don't think I am saying YOU are using excuses, there is a big difference... I do not feel this way about ANY of the blogs that I follow, or I wouldn't be following them! I hope I have been clear (somethings are just so hard to put into words lol)

    I wish you all nothing but the best!!!! And thank you so very much for all of your support and encouragement!!! It's a long hard road and I'm glad I'm not in it alone :)

  4. This post couldn't possibly offend anyone Tina - honestly - I actually was talking to Pooldad the other day and I was trying to figure out how I stumbled onto you, Tessa and Teresa - how did I get so lucky? And you just confirmed it - It was S's blog - I didn't see her on GMA - but I found her by blog hopping and that is how I found you guys. And I am so happy I did.

    I know I am sort of an odd man out here - but you guys inspire me in ways you don't even realize - your blogs aren't only about weight loss but your lives and I am happy to read and support anything you write - I like to think we are friends based on more than whether or not anyone loses weight but we all want the same thing - to be healthy and live a long time. Right?

    It is sad that S isn't blogging any longer but I think her asking to be accountable on National TV was too much, and I get that. Best to think she is still working on her goal behind the scenes - I just don't think she was prepared for the hoopla that surrounded that 3 minutes of fame.

    You all are a great group of ladies and I am lucky to count you among my friends and tadpoles.

    Love you guys!

  5. I'm so sure! I didn't make the list of blogs! I'

    Kidding, kidding!!! :)

    I follow many blogs, as well. I just deleted several the other day after seeing that they hadn't posted in months...and yes, some even weren't there anymore. So sad. I don't like what I weigh...but I post it because it helps me feel more accountable.

    I, too, have met other weight loss bloggers that I love to interact with on a day to day basis, you included, Tina! A good many days they are what help me get through mine.

  6. Haha you're so funny Shuana :) OF COURSE you are in my list of blogs that I follow very closely! :) I have to update the list on here, but your definitely on my blog role!!!!

    Me too, I don't like my weight, but I like it better than I did 6 months ago lol :) I post it for he same reason as you, AND because it's just something I like to know when I'm reading other people's weight loss blogs, so I figure I should!

    Off to read your post right now! :)

  7. You are so sweet SkippyMom :) Don't feel like the odd man out!!! lol, I think I can speak for a lot of us in saying we appreciate your support SO VERY much, it doesn't matter at all that you are not trying to loose weight! Your right, it all boils down to being healthier.

    I am so honored to be one of your tadpoles :) Also glad to have found so many blogger friends. (AND laughing at how this post turned into such a love fest hahaha) :)

  8. Tina, the fact that you hang in there is proof that you want this and are still trying. As you are trying. If we don't at least try, how can we ever succeed? For some they may reach goal in 6 months and or some it could be 6 years. Who is counting???? None of us walk on water!!! I'm please to see your calorie count down so much for today. Great work.....and IT IS WORK.

    Margie M. writes at:

  9. Thanks Margie! I know it will take me a LONG time, and I'm ok with that. That might be my biggest difference this time- taking baby steps and being realistic with myself.