Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ray's Chicken Wraps... Mmmmm

I still feel great :) Still on a cloud from hitting that 40 pound mark! Thanks again for all of your happy congrats!!!!
I have to warn you, today was a high calorie day, but it just goes that way sometimes. I promise it's not that I have lost my ambition or anything, and it will not turn into an everyday thing. It CAN'T, because as I said: I don't ever want to see the 280s ever again. EVER!

What I ate today:
Drink: (100) 1/2 bottle iced coffee
Breakfast: (423) 1 bagel with cream cheese, 6 oz orange juice
Snack: (33) 1 bite of ice cream (low fat french silk)
Lunch: (615) Frozen Tuna Noodle Casserole meal, Romaine Salad with croutons, 2 tbs light ranch and 1/8 cup mozz
Dinner: (1070) Ray's Chicken Wraps- fried chicken, cheddar and jalapeno monterey jack cheese, lettuce and light ranch in a burrito size tortilla, with 15 sunchips, water
Snack: (260) 1 cup of light french silk ice cream
Total Water: 36 oz
Total Calories: 2501
Oh, I could have done SO much better. I should have only had half that bagel, 4 oz of orange juice. I should have had one of the lean frozen entrees instead of the stoufers one. I should have only had 1/2 cup of ice cream, yesterday I was completely satisfied with 1/2 cup.
Now to the dinner, I had no idea the wraps were that many calories! 310 calories in cheese alone!!! We don't have them often, but when ray makes them they are delicious. I wouldn't doubt it if we have them again for lunch tomorrow... I am going to do my best to see how I can cut that 1070 down. It will actually be easy. I'll give him a measuring cup an cut the cheese down, do my own ranch, eat half the chips... and that will help a lot right there! What I should do is just eat half of one... but I don't know if I have that much will power... we'll see lol. I didn't have pop though! The only thing that would have made the wraps better is some pop, and I didn't give in! :)

Crunches: 100 (40, 40, 20)

I am NOT hungry at all. I should be able to go without eating anything till bed. If I do get hungry I will have some grapes. NOT the sunchips that are calling my name...
See you tomorrow!


  1. Good morning Tina, hope you are having a wonderful day. I was looking at your posting and noticed that you had gone grocery shopping, I have a hint for you.....don't buy it if it's not good for you. I know you like the iced coffee and ice cream but if you add up the calories from them for this post it totals 393. I learnt a long time ago not to buy things even though I like them if they are going to increase my cravings. Have you tried making your own iced coffee? There are lots of receipes on line and they have a lot less calories in them. I love Starbuck's and Tim Horton's latte's and cappichino's but at 600+ calories I cannot do them, even as a treat. When the kids bought me the Tassimo I was able to still enjoy them but at a lot less calories. If you like ice cream, which I know I do, look for a bar that is low in fat, and you can save about 150 calories per serving (that is for the 1 cup of ice cream). I found some here that are orange and raspberry swirl and so delicious, they are even better than ice cream. The chicken wraps sound delicious, and if you eat them with less cheese and no wrap you will still be able to enjoy and cut major calories. It is such a struggle for both of us. That week of binging was the most horrible thing for me, I knew I shouldn't but I did it anyway, now this week I am back on track and down almost 5 pounds so I feel good about that. So glad to hear you have given up the pop, it truly is nasty stuff. If I drink one can I have to have more and more and more. Also glad to see that you made it through the day with no fast food, way to go Tina. Hugs!!!!

  2. No fast food, pop or pizza? You are rockin' the world Tina - nicely done.

    Now about shipping me one of those wraps....

    heehee - they do sound good. Tessa had some awesome ideas too.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Skip

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Tessa! I know, if it's not in the house I can't eat it haha, sounds SO easy :) I am getting better and better about that, but still by a few treats for my son. I am making him eat healthier too, but can't cut out all the junk from the house, which makes it hard. But I also got some of those 100 calorie ice cream cups, so that will help. I have found that if I don't eat what I am craving, I will just eat other things that don't satisfy me, then eat some more! So For now I'm keeping the ice cream in the house and just have to have a LITTLE bit.
    I really should stop buying the iced coffee... I'll work on that. Right now I'm trying 1/2 a bottle per day instead of 2 bottles I was drinking... and soon hopefully none! No, I haven't make my own, I don't even own a coffee pot. I go through fazes of drinking these, and this has been my longest one!
    Good for you loosing 5 lbs!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!

    Thanks SkippyMom :) I wish I could mail you one haha.

    Hugggsss to you both!

  4. Oh boy, oh boy do I hear so much of myself in you, it is almost erie. I used to go to the store and buy things that I had convinced my hubby would want and then come home and tell him I bought him a treat. One day he came to me and told me not to buy any "treats" for him because he did not want them and thought maybe I was trying to sabatoge his weight lose efforts. After he said that I sat down and thought long and hard about what he had said and decided that he was right. I really wasn't buying them for him but rather so they were in the house so I could eat them and that was my justification for them being there. I don't buy anything for him anymore and realize now that he was right. If you are trying to teach your son to eat right and be healthy then he doesn't need the junk food. An apple with peanut butter is a healthy snack or even a granola bar. I also read here exactly what I used to say to myself all the time, if I can't have what I want I'll just eat everything else and that makes it worse. Sorry hon, that's a cope out. I've done enough binges in my life to know that if there is no one thing that will stop you from binging. We justify what we do so that we can have our own way. You are doing so good and like I said before I have no idea how you do it other than the exercise helps you burn off the extra calories. Believe me if I are what you ate I would gain for sure. Hey, maybe that can be a challenge.....we will swap food menu's for one week and see what I don't mean to sound cruel or judgmental, I just care a lot for you and hate to see you struggling so hard. We have a long road ahead of us and we need to be able to say to each other things like this so it will open our eyes to what others see and we don't. We can go this, it will not be easy but we will succeed and I still have another 25 pounds to go to catch you so I have to work harder. Hugs!!!

  5. As always thanks for you support and suggestions Tessa. I guess we differ a little on this one...

    First, using a husband as an excuse for treats (that would go more with ray and Pizza though for sure lol ) is a little different then buying my 11 year old snacks... Like I said, I do want him to eat healthier and he does, but a little ice cream isn't going to hurt him. Just like a little ice cream isn't going to hurt me either. I have tried to loose weight before by depriving myself, and it NEVER WORKS. I'm going to stick with the original plan and eat what I want, and if it's not the healthiest- just try to eat a little.

    If I am craving something, I DO eat until I'm satisfied. I've thought a lot about it and it's just true. It's not a cop out. It's just how it is for me. Everyone is different I guess, and if you are craving something, and can just eat something else and be satisfied that's awesome, but that's not how it is for me. Just because we differ, doesn't mean it's a cop out. It's just my strategy right now and it works (when I'm doing it right that is! LOL)

    This may not work for everyone, but so far it works for me. It's how I've lost... I figure, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

    ALONG with that I'm trying to eat healthier of course, I NEED to improve on that. But I really am not worried about the ice cream, especially the 100 calorie cups. Even if I have a whole cup of regular, it's not the giant quarter gallon bowl I used to have. I'm sticking to the baby steps, and even though I had a MAJOR set back (about 2 months!) they keep getting bigger and bigger. They've brought me to a 40 pound loss.

    I need to eat healthier for sure, I also bought a lot of fruit and other healthy things... but honestly, low fat ice cream is just not a big deal for me. That's what I have in the house right now, and I'm fine with that.

    I couldn't swap menus at this point... but it would be interesting!!!! What I think would happen is: I would STARVE. After a couple days I would probably binge if I didn't have the things my body wants. At 279 pounds, my body needs a lot of calories to function. I think that if I only are 1300 calories everyday, my body would think it was starving. So then when I did binge, or even just increase the calories for a day, my body would hoard all of it and I would gain for sure!
    Even though my menu isn't the greatest right now, it is still a LOT better then before. And I'm not starving or making my body wonder when it's next meal will be... (which also makes stress worse and lowers metabolism I'm sure) that's why I can eat somethings and not gain like you would think... I guess lol. I'm no expert, but just from experience, it makes sense to me.
    That's not to say I'm not also surprised by my losses sometimes! Especially lately with no treadmill!!! but extra housework, laundromat 'fun' and the zoo has made up for it I guess :)

    I do think we are a lot alike. Our approaches to our weight loss are a little different- and that's fine! I don't think you are being cruel or judgemental, just trying to point out things you think may help. And I would do the same! I'm glad we can help each other :)

  6. Tina,I offer my deepest and most humble of apologies. I need to learn to clean up my own side of the fence before I make comments about how others live their lives. I was way out of line, please forgive me.

  7. Oh no Tessa!!! You don't have to apologize!!!!

    LOL, it is so hard to WRITE exactly what we want to say and make sure the other person interprets how we want :)

    I didn't really like being told I'm using a "cop out" but if it's what you think, I want to hear it!!!! My response is just... well, my response. BUT I'm NOT MAD, and i DO NOT want you to apologize!!!!

    I feel like we are in this together, and I want you to feel free to make comments and suggestions!!! I have gotten so much from your support, and I don't mind a little constructive criticism. I'm thinking that my comment looks more defensive than I want it, but that's because it's written out and you can't see a smile or hear a tone of voice... But I am NOT mad at all, PROMISE :) I DO NOT want you to apologize!

    Maybe I should stop responding to comments??? Maybe I should just read it and take it in and no 'rebuttal' lol.

    I feel so lucky that you and SkippyMom are so supportive of me, and would NEVER want you to feel you can't comment honestly!!! But when I comment back, I feel like you think I'm mad... but I'm really not. It's just me giving my view, but it's not meant to make you feel bad or think you shouldn't have said that!!! I don't want to just receive only praise and no one being honest with me... PLEASE feel free to comment honestly and how you feel. PLEASE!!!

    Your side of the fence is just fine Tessa :) The really low calories wouldn't work for me at this point, but I didn't mean that as "Look who's talking." LOL, I just meant that as "This is why I don't think that would work."
    No matter what is going on over the fence, I want to know your opinions and what you think. And if you see something that you think you could help by pointing out PLEASE do so. I really feel lucky to have that. I will try harder to make my responses look less defensive. We might not always agree, but that doesn't mean I don't want to hear your point of view!!! And the same the other way, if I saw something I thought I could tell you that would help- I would! If you didn't agree, that would also be ok!

    I'm nothing but HAPPY to have your support and maybe I just have a defensive nature?? I'm sorry if it came off like I was mad or didn't want to hear it- because that's not how I feel at all. The only way we can help each other is by being honest, and I really hope you still feel you can be honest with me. All this time you have helped me so much, and I hope I didn't just ruin that!!!

    I love ya, and I'm sorry if my comment made it sound any different!!!
    Big 'Forgive Me' Hugs :)

  8. Hey Tina, it was not your comments at all. You said nothing that bothered me, it was when I went back and reread what I had written that I realized I was being very rude and judgmental. My husband is always telling me that I have to fix my own problems before I try to fix someone else's and he's right. I am supposed to be here to support you not criticize. Helpful comments are one thing being rude is another. I am sorry and you do not have to worry about anything you wrote upsetting me. I have a pretty tough skin and deserve a good swift kick now and then. Let's get back on track here and concentrate on what we are supposed to be doing. Supporting one another and seeing who can come up with the best challenges. Big HUGS!!!!

  9. Oh, I'm so glad :) As you can tell by the whole novel I wrote, I was pretty worried that I upset you...
    K, getting back on track. Sounds like a plan!
    HUGS :)