Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weigh In... Surprise!

So today is weigh in day... you're not even going to believe it! I made sure to turn off all the lights and take a picture so I have proof!!! LOL. (For those of you who don't know, my camera only takes pictures in pitch black, so I don't include to many pics lately) So anyway, the scale said...
That is a 3.2 pound loss this week!
This means I am back to 38.4 pounds lost total,
which is my lowest weight!!! YEAH!
I am SO happy!!! It's like I'm out of the red!!!! :)
I knew I would have a loss. As I mentioned last night, my eating wasn't great this week, but SO MUCH better than last weeks binges. I was hoping for a loss, I figured a pound at the most! I mean, you saw what I ate! And I didn't get on the treadmill once this week. So yes, I'm pretty shocked. I guess that even though I didn't eat the best this week, my calories were down. AND thanks to Tessa's challenge to me, I have not ordered any fast food since last Saturday, So I made it the whole week!!! WOO HOO! And I plan on continuing that too. (I craved it for the first time today, but I didn't give in!)
This week I have been very stressed out and depressed. I have a hard time getting enough sleep anyway, but this week was bad. Really bad. I was running on little and no sleep almost all week. I am guessing that that must have had something to do with this loss also. That was NOT intentional I promise you. I am trying to get back on a schedule, and no sleep is not good for me. I'm just taking a guess here, that it helped to burn more calories...

What I ate today:
Breakfast: (263) 1/2 piece of lasagna, water
Lunch: (422) 2 1/2 small pancakes, eggs and ham (2 eggs, 1 oz ham), 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: (23) Werther's
Drink: (200) 9.5 oz bottle iced coffee
Snack: (240) 3 chocolate chip cookies
Dinner: (252) 2.1 oz chicken, 1/2 cup red beans and rice, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: (400) 4 cookies, 1 cup skim milk
Snack: (23) Werther's
Total Water: 40 oz
Total Calories: 1823
I was proud of myself for only having half of that last piece of lasagna, that's a first. Also for eating so little at dinner. I wasn't that hungry because I had a heavy lunch, so I only got a little. I guess I ruined all that though by the unhealthy snack choices. But I'm happy with the calorie total, so I'm not mad at myself, I'll just do better tomorrow!
I'm not going to keep track of the time for now, it's just a little much for me to do. Just the calories is enough for me right now. I am going to listen to my body and really try to stick with the original plan and only eat when I'm hungry. My scedual is way to messed up anyway at the moment...

Crunches: 100 (40, 25, 35) Yes, I actually got on the floor and did some crunches again. I'm going to try and get back to doing them every other day... I shouldn't say 'get back to' because I never stuck with that plan long... But today I had a little motivation :)

Yep! I have another surprise :)
I don't have many shorts to choose from right now, (because of the dryer situation) and just the bottom of the drawer left. I grabbed these gray shorts to put on and I haven't wore them in at least 2 years because they are just way to tight. WELL, I figured just till I get to bed. I put them on after my shower and... They fit PERFECT!!!! I wasn't expecting that at all!!! It was a great pick me up. It also reminded me of the Pants I ordered and tried on in February and how disappointed I was that they wouldn't button... I should try those on!!!!!!!!! ALSO, I never mentioned this because I really try not to think about it... but I did take some measurements back in January before I started this blog. The first measurements I've ever taken in my life LOL. Anyway... it's been 6 months... so I think I'll take some new ones! There has to be at least SOME difference :) I'll try tomorrow!!!!!
K :) See you then!


  1. Congrats, Tina! Doesn't it feel wonderful to have a loss, plus more than double what you thought (hoped) it would be?! And you have had some great NSV's this week, too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Jo!!! :) I do feel great, I hope I can keep this feeling for a while lol :) Hey, what's NSV????

  3.'s so cool to have positive results like's the best motivator!! Hope your headache went away!

  4. Thanks colenic! I do feel much better today :)

  5. Congratulations on the loss and the shorts fitting! That's great. Definitely take your measurements, I'm sure you'll see a loss!

  6. Thanks Mama Page! I will be taking my measurements, soon! :)