Friday, July 16, 2010

Stupid Camera!

Why is everything around me broke???? The air conditioner, the dryer, BOTH cameras... I could go on lol. The air conditioner is actually working good right now so I shouldn't complain. And the dryer is probably just clogged up like you guys said :) So it will be fine!!!! I hope...

Anyway, I figured out that the new camera can take video. Kind of by accident I also found out, it can take pictures in the dark! Any other time the pictures come out yellow, or with yellow lines, whether it's sun light or indoor lights... Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard of??? BUT if you take a picture in pitch dark, they come out fine.
SO last night I had Ray take my monthly pics. No difference since I haven't lost anything this month, but I'll put them on the picture pages anyway. He also took this one, yes with all the lights off lol!

I can see a little difference in my chin but that's it.
That and I'm tanner lol. I have my summer freckles on my face now lol,
that just started a couple years ago! Crazy.
When I get to 45 pounds lost, I will post one on the side of my blog with the other one :)
I'll even brush my hair for that one LOL.

I had a few drinks last night, and woke up with a bad headache. It's 1:02am and it's finally gone. I planned on going to bed early tonight... don't know what happened! Must have been the nap I had earlier.
My eating was good until dinner. :(  I told Ray that after tonight I really don't want to order out anymore. Today would have been one of those days that could be an exception, because I felt kinda crappy, but it's NOT an exception when we do it all the time!!!

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Tuna (1 can, 1/8 cup mozz, 1 tbs miracle whip, hot pepper rings) on whole grain white bread, 8 baby carrots with 1 tbs light ranch, water
Dinner: 4 large slices of pizza (size large, but weren't that big. Also very thin crust) didn't eat the crusts, 3 small bread sticks, 6 oz sprite
Total Water: 40 oz
I have to get my whole wheat bread, I like it so much better. Used mozz again instead of cheddar. I could get used to it :)
I'm sure it will be a gain for me tomorrow. That's ok. Tomorrow I start fresh :) I'll wake up without a headache, go grocery shopping and have a great day :) I have to get back into the swing of things! Enough waisting time!!!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Perhaps if you mixed up lunch a bit - tried the canned chicken instead of tuna or roast a cheap chicken for dinner [I find mine for around 5 bucks] serve that with frozen veggies and rice - then use the leftover chicken for sandwiches [w/miracle whip etc] and boil the carcass and use it for soup [carrots, celery, onion and some of the leftover chicken] - I can usually get three meals out of one chicken and maybe if you cook it up yourself you might not be so tempted by pizza or bored with the tuna? I have eaten english muffins for the past three lunches and they are driving me nuts [homemade low salt, tasty but boring] - so that's why I thought maybe the chicken idea would help - let me know if it sounds good and I can email you recipes.

    And yes - start fresh tomorrow - I hope your headache has gone away by then.

  2. You would think I would get sick of tuna lol. About a year ago I started buying this tuna and it is so chunky and good! I go through fazes and can eat it every day and not get sick of it lol. This one is lasting a long time I guess!
    That does sound good though, roasting the chicken and having the leftovers like that. I have to admit I have never roasted a chicken in my life. I have a little roaster I bought at a garage sale last summer with the best intentions, but haven't used it. I would LOVE if you emailed me some recipes! Thanks SkippyMom!