Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stupid Dryer... Stupid Man... Ugh.

Yesterday I did not do well with eating at all. Today was much better but still needs improvement big time.
Breakfast early @ 7am: 1/2 bagel with cream cheese, 6 oz orange juice, bowl of multigrain cheerios w ff skim milk
Snack @ normal breakfast time 10:30: 1 egg w cheese on 1/2 english muffin, water
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich (1 can tuna, 1/4 cup mozz, hot pepper rings, 1 tbs miracle whip on white bread w whole grains), pickle spear, 6 baby carrots w 1 tbs light ranch, water
Dinner: 2 servings chicken Alfredo pasta, 1 1/2 cheese stick, 1 can mtn frost
Drink: iced coffee
Total Water: 40 oz
Took Shauna's advise and used mozz cheese on my tuna sandwich. It was pretty good, I could do that sometimes to cut a few calories :) I do like my cheddar better though lol. I am also not using my normal bread. Gotta go grocery shopping!

Treadmill: 24:52 / 1 mile that has to be my fastest mile. I really wanted to get off the thing...
I forced myself onto the treadmill. It sucked, but I'm glad I did it.

I'm very tired. But once again Ray waited till the last minute to throw his work clothes in the washer. There were clothes in there so he put them in the dryer. I just went to switch loads on my way to bed, but that load is still wet. After an hour, still not dry. So I will have to stay up until it's dry and put his clothes in and then I better stay up and at least turn them on once more or he will have wet pants for work.
It was bad enough that he always does that, but now I'm pretty mad. He KNOWS the dryer isn't working right. WHY would he wait like that??? I guess he was to busy on face book and playing xbox to think about work clothes earlier... UGH.
We are supposed to go to the movies in the morning and out to lunch to surprise our son (and unground him) But I am going to be falling asleep!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! I will be up at least another 2 hours, so I might as well stay up until I bring him. So the earliest I will be to bed is 4:15am. How am I supposed to enjoy a family day out if I can't even stay awake??? Ugh. This is so stupid.
So I'm in a bad mood. AND I'm starving. i can't believe he waited till he went to bed to do this crap. OH! and after he put his clothes in the washer, he actually played xbox for another hour, then went to bed without switching the loads! i don't mind doing laundry, I'm not working and I feel it's my responsibility. But not in the middle of the night!!!! And he knows this!!!!!!!! he also knows I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to bring him to work!!! UGH, I'm getting myself so mad, I wanna go wake him up and ask him what the f*** his problem is!!!!!
The dryer breaking was the LAST thing I needed right now. Especially since we are trying to get rid of fleas! The clothes are warm, but not dry. I don't know what is going on with it!!!!!!!!! I bought it brand new 7 years ago, they're supposed to last longer than that aren't they!?!?!?!?!

OK. I'm back. I feel better. I have to write this now, because I sure don't want to think about it tomorrow! I have to tell you what I ate... and I really don't want to. I debated just not writing it, but I have to. have to stay honest with myself and with you who support me. So lets get this over with.
Frozen burrito with cheese, about 15 tortilla chips with cheese, 1/2 can mtn frost
1/2 bagel with cream cheese
bowl of lucky charms
1/2 can mtn frost
all within about an hour and a half. and why do I feel better??? I don't know, but I do. Even though I am SO embarrassed about binging like that... it's over now. All I can do is be honest about it and move on. Maybe everyone that is going to read this already did... and will miss this part??? I don't know what got into me... ugh.
Tomorrow is a new day. I'm glad I wrote this tonight, it is behind me and will not ruin my day.
Good night everyone. Hang in there with me... even though it may be hard sometimes...


  1. Sorry you are still awake - that sucks. And yes dryers should definitely last longer than that. My parents gave their old dryers years ago and when we sold our house it was still going strong and it was 22 years old. The only thing I can think of is it may have lint built up in the air outtake pipe [for lack of a better word] But if it is giving heat and spinning around [tumbling] the problem is no air [it is still spinning right?] so something may be plugged. I will ask Pooldad in the morning what he thinks - he is always fixing stuff like this. [And I am all grrrr at him too because he woke me up when he came to bed and now I can't sleep. heehee]

    Anyhoodle - great job on the treadmill - that's awesome! And mozarella sounds yum on tuna - I don't know if swiss is less than cheddar but I had that on a tuna sandwich tonight [Pooldad thought it sounded good so he bought] and it was goooood.

    Keep up the great work and tell Ray to finish his own laundry :D Try and stay awake tomorrow.

  2. I'm sorry you're up too. Let's have a party! LOL :)
    I feel better. I know it's bad, but it's probably because I ate :(
    I also keep telling myself: It could ALWAYS be worse :) Maybe the dryer sucks, but at least I have clothes... I may be tired, but I can always take a nap...

    I wonder if that is it! The pipe being plugged. It makes sense. I think it is still spinning. right before it started acting up it began making this loud squeaking noise, but I do think it's still tumbling... don't know what the noise is about. Sure is annoying. My new neighbors won't like that when they move in LOL.
    I don't know about the swiss either... I think white cheeses are supposed to be less calories than orange ones, so maybe!
    haha, yeah. I'll be letting Ray have it tomorrow ;)
    Thanks SkippyMom!

  3. Yikes! It looks like you really were up that late! That stinks!

    Can you guys get another pair of pants that might help with the having to get them washed in one night?

    Also, I'm so sorry about your dryer...they ARE supposed to last more than 7 years and that would definitely piss me off. I guess it would make sense to try to find out if he really just flaked or if he did it on purpose. If you know he just flaked it, maybe remind him but then give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Also? Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I was angry when I wrote that post...and it surprised me! I was actually lucky enough to have a therapy appointment yesterday to talk it out and I feel so much better.

    Thank you though - for your caring and your words!

  4. Hi Tina, I'm back, we had some terrible storms and the internet was not a good connection. I agree with SkippyMom that your dryer probably just has a plugged dryer hose. Take it off and give it a good shake to get all the fluff out and I bet it works as good as new again. Sounds like a bit of disorganization on Ray's part, for me I'd let him wear wet pants to work (next time he's remember to do the laundry first before playing). I have a mean streak in me sometimes, can you tell. If I had to get up that early every morning I'd be in bed by 8 p.m. for sure. Not sure how you do it but it's not healthy for you to go on so little sleep and that is probably what is throwing off your food. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Hugs.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Happy Fun Pants! :)

    He definitely needs another pair, he hates clothes shopping, but I'm going to have to nag him about it because this is just stupid. Even when it was working right! lol. I asked him today to please stop waiting like that, till he goes to bed. He said he will, we'll see!

    You are quite welcome! No need to thank me, I just know that is how I would feel. I'm so glad you feel better about it now after talking to someone :)
    I hope you still like my comments after the one I left today!!! haha... A few issues just get me fired up, and that's one of them.

    I LOVE your blog. And thank YOU for your great posts!!!

  6. Glad you are back Tessa :)
    Yeah, I hope you guys are right about the dryer! I'll make Ray go down with me in the morning and check that out! I will be SO happy if that's all it is!
    Haha! I thought the same thing last night! He actually did go to work with a wet shirt, it didn't dry all the way. Hopefully he is done doing that now.
    Yes, I think less sleep is a lot of my problem. Now that my son is out of school, he stays up late, so I do. We are just going to have to start going to bed earlier!
    You are so sweet :) You support really does make a difference! Thank you so much! Hugs :)