Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I just finished writing this whole long post. I hit publish post, and it made me sign in, even though I'm already signed in! Then is says "unable to process your request" I don't worry, I can just go to the draft part since it saves like every minute.
NOPE my whole post is gone. I was in a GREAT mood. Now I'm PISSED. Thanks Blogger! It's just what I needed!
I can't believe this crap.

Here's pretty much what I just spent 45 minutes writing:
I love my family... I hope they understand that my son deserves better... didn't have to explain that, hope when it comes down to it they understand... my brothers deserved better too but didn't have a mother who cared enough, they never had a chance... I have my views on smoking weed, and I'm not totally against it, just that I don't want my son having to breath it in... Not going into the politics of marijuana, just because it would be an even longer post (I don't mind talking about it)... am not going to stress about the mom situation anymore, I have made my decision... I guess me and Ray will never be able to go out and do anything ever again... my eating was ok, could have been better, could have been worse... Not going to bore you with post all about the mom situation, feel free to ask me anything though... thanks for hanging in there with me and all your support.
K, all my hard work and thoughtful insight boils down to that. Stupid Blogger! WTF! I hope that doesn't become a regular thing, becuase I can NOT deal with that!


  1. Good morning my friend! I've had the same thing happen to me several times...it sucks. I think you have made a wise decision in regards to your mom and the influence she might have on his future. I always berated my kids for drinking and smoking but then I had to stop and think that I didn't set a very good example because those were things I had done in front of them so therefore I gave them permission to do them as well. You are so right about the weed and if they are doing it in front of him then it is saying it is ok and that stuff can have such detrimental effects on young brains. I'm not sure if it is the same as second hand cigarette smoke or not but don't think it can be good. You said that you and Ray would never be able to go and do anything again.....what do you mean?
    Hang in there girl, every cloud has a silver lining. Hugs!!!

  2. I hope that doesn't happen often, I guess I get set off pretty easily lately lol. But I GUESS it wasn't the end of the world lol. If it were to erase my whole blog... then I might have to be checked in somewhere!!! :)

    Oh, they never do it right in front of him, they know I would be DONE with them if they did... but I think the second hand marijuana smoke would be the same... When my brothers room is so full of it, and they come out- it spreads through the trailer. It's SO much better now that it's summer and the place is opened up, but still.
    I know my son wouldn't smoke weed, right now. He is so much his own person, and wouldn't even do it to impress anyone... but like you said, if it's done in front of him it's like making it ok... and even though I am fairly certain they haven't, in only a few short years he will be the same age as my youngest brother was when she started smoking weed with him.
    I know that right now he wouldn't try it. But I also know that kids will be kids, and there may come a time (hopefully WAY down the road) when he does try it. BUT if my family gets him high I will never speak to them again. Once he's grown it's another story, but they KNOW how I feel and they better respect it!

    Oh, I meant that my Mom is really the only person I would leave my son with. now if I stick to my guns I don't have anywhere for him to stay if Ray and I were to want to go out again at night. He's ok by himself I guess, but I would rather not leave him hear at night... probably nothing would happen, but you just never know...

    Every Cloud does have a silver lining! I just forgot that lately :) Thanks Tessa! hugggs!