Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Mother,

I know you aren't normal
(Oh how I wish)
but that is no excuse
for being so selfish.

I know you're depressed
maybe 'bipolar' even
but I'm telling you,
That is not a good reason.

That's not an out
for being a shitty mother.
But you don't care,
not one way or the other.

All you care about is yourself,
the well being of no one
The saddest part:
not even your own grandson

But that's how it's always been,
No use explaining what I do.
You'll never get how I put my son first,
The only 'first' in your life is you.



  1. Even though the subject matter is unfortunate, that is still a great poem :)

  2. Hang in there. And congrats on losing 40 lbs. You have a great stick-with-it attitude for those few up-tick weeks. I hope I can do half as well, when I hit my (usual) dreaded plateau at 283-284. Once I get below that, I have no intention of seeing that number again, so I get your "bye-bye" attitude toward 280, believe me! LOL Keep up the great work ... it will be fun to watch your progress, being you are just ahead of me.

  3. Thanks for sharing...purging. Congrats on your weight loss so far. Glad you are doing it while you are still young. Don't wait until you're 49 - like me. Keep on going!!

  4. hey! you stopped by my blog awhile ago.
    sorry for taking so long to answer your question: yes, i absolutely believe in God.

    your poem: you're right, i think it's absolutely fair to hold each other accountability.

    be well!

  5. Thank you Mark :) I only write any kind of poetry when I'm depressed or sad or angry... I don't know why. It's always been that way...

    Thank you so much colenic! Hugs :)

    Thank you Ann! For your words and for visiting My Day. Now that I found your blog I will be following as well. We can both do this, just have to stay on track no matter what life brings... well, if we do fall off, get right back on ;)

    Thanks Just Me :) It does help to purge lol. In my life I'm so private... and never imagined I would be writing about such personal issues on hear lol. I WILL keep on going!!! Woo Hoo! :)

    Hey Alexia!
    Oh, that's ok. I know you have a lot of followers and probably a lot of comments to get to. Thanks for answering :)
    I can't even remember what was said... just that it made me curios lol. In no way does it matter, I would never judge a person based on that... just my curious nature :)
    Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.