Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, I didn't win the lotto...

That would have solved a lot of my problems, ALMOST all of them. But is was not to be. Should have known better, we NEVER play because I am so unlucky when it comes to things like that lol. Oh well.

Even though I tried to not think about things, I was kind of an emotional wreck today. But I got some crying out and over with, so now time to move on! I feel great right now :)

I did do ok as far as eating. I wasn't hungry until dinner (like yesterday), I don't know if it's my nerves or what! I spent all last week starving, and now I'm just not hungry... maybe I'm getting a little help from above? If I am, I better not waste it huh? :)

What I ate today:
Breakfast: (352) Slice of whole wheat toast w peanut butter, coffee
Lunch: (130) Fiber Plus Bar
Dinner: (715) 1 cup Orange Chicken w 1 cup white rice (2 servings), about 3/4 cup of mixed veggies (frozen-asain stir fry style)
Snack: (280) 1 cup ice cream
Snack: (23) 1 Werther's
Snack: (23) 1 Werther's
Total Water: 37 oz
Total Calories: 1523
I didn't need 2 servings of dinner, I was full... It takes a bit for that rice to catch up to you. I really need to concentrate on EATING SLOWER.
The ice cream, I'm not mad I had ice cream, but it should have been 1/2 a cup. I would have been satisfied if I ate it slow. Honestly? I said to myself 'You can have it, you didn't have that many calories today' but that was just... dumb.

What wasn't dumb? I got on the treadmill :) Very not-dumb lol.
Today: 15 minutes/ .59 mile
On it 15 days in a row :)
My back feels ok today. It's been about a week now, and today is the best it's felt. If it feels good tomorrow, I'm going to try and start doing a mile every day. Now that I feel like it's habit, I think I can do that again now, without dreading it. Baby steps :)


  1. Wow! 15 days of movement in a row is AWESOME! I struggle a lot with the exercise stuff. When I start to slide, the exercise is the first to go. So, kudos to you! I also want to say thanks for checking out my blog. We are at about the same place as far as weight (I weigh 282 right now), so hopefully we can help motivate each other. I am a "follower" so I look forward to watching your continued progress! Doncha hate that term "follower?" It makes me feel like a cult member or something. LOL.

  2. YAY for 15! Woot baby, yeah! YAY for 15 ::dancing:: So happy for you. I know you been having a rough patch of it with your Mom, but you didn't stress eat which is faboo! I am so proud of you. YOU ROCK! Have a great week, you deserve it.

  3. Sounds like a good day today!! And I agree with the above comments- being on the treadmill for that long is awesome....I need to get back into the routine and just can't get myself motivated.
    thanks for the encouragement and reading the whiny post on my blog!! I appreciate it!

  4. Baby steps is right....but they add up and speaking of know what's great for eating ice cream slowly...tiny spoons or baby spoons. I learned this by buying some for my sure makes dessert last a long, long time. Seems silly, but if you don't buy a "baby spoon" - just an elegant tiny tea spoon...hey, stranger things have worked. Hmmm, maybe chopsticks tomorrow - lol. Keep on moving.

  5. I play the lottery every single week. Here in the UK we have a European lottery that many different countries take part in and the jackpots are pretty good.

    Of course, I never win, but I enjoy that little sparkle of hope that I have all week :)

    Well done for sticking with the treadmill and hopefully you will be able to slowly increase your mileage. That said, if you feel pain, STOP! Learn from my mistakes :)

  6. Thanks tosexy4thisfat!!!! :) Yeah, it's cool we are at about the same place! I can't wait to follow your progress either :) Yes, I know what you mean about 'follower' haha! I guess that would make me the cult leader? hahaha :)

    Thanks so much SkippyMom :) If I ever think about not doing it, I KNOW I have to because you are so proud of me when that number goes up!!!! :)

    You are more than welcome colenic! We all have those days, you were here for my most recent ones too lol :) It is hard to get motivated... SO hard. If you do start, just start with baby steps :)

    Just Me, that is a GREAT idea. As a matter of fact, I ALWAYS use the big spoons, no matter what I'm eating. From now on I'll only use the regular size! Maybe I can graduate to baby spoons... I bet I could find a cheap one!

    I hope you win yours soon Mark! Out of 5 tickets, which equals out to 30 numbers, we got ONE... and that's how it always goes lol. The jackpot was 115 million, so yeah... I had that little sparkle too, for a day :)
    I did a mile tonight, and I'm pretty proud of myself :) I will definitely stop if I feel pain! Thanks Mark!!!