Saturday, May 15, 2010

Attention SHAUNA

First I have to leave this message for Shauna LOL:
On the off chance that you are reading this, I wanted to tell you that I have been reading yours since you first joined mine a while back, but I haven't been able to leave comments for sometime. Even tried your "learn how to leave a comment" and no luck. I also can't follow it, for some reason it just isn't like other blogs lol. I just catch up on your post when I think about it... I wanted to tell you that those owls might leave the nest tonight, because you are where I first found out about them. And: good job the other day!!! Ok, that's all.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program ;)
Here's My Day:
Breakfast: (200) 9.5 oz French Vanilla Iced Coffee
Lunch: (356) leftover tuna casserole with cheese, 1 cup ff skim milk
Snack: (250) Oreo Klondike Bar
Dinner: (1110) Papa Murphy's- 1/2 Italian Salad (1 serving), 1 large slice of Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza with 1 tbs light ranch, 1 medium slice of pepperoni, 2 small cheese sticks (1 serving) with marinara sauce, 6 oz pepsi, water
Snack: (100) chocolate sundae ice cream cup
Drink: (200) 9.5 oz Mocha Iced Coffee
Total Water: 50 oz
Total Calories: 2216
I knew we were having pizza, and I was set on having JUST ONE slice, but my son's pepperoni pizza looked so good... I gave in. So one of each is what I had, plus all the other junk.  I got the salad to keep me from eating more then my just one- but that didn't work. I have to get back into the NO POP NO MATTER WHAT mindset. It's so hard... Now I'm really full :( I didn't do that well for the rest of the day either... I don't know what happened, I'm disappointed in myself, but not discouraged. I know I will do better tomorrow AND will loose when I weigh in on Monday :) OH, we got a large this time instead of extra large. I think next time we will get a medium because I really don't need a large, and since I can't control myself 2 mediums would be better... and if Ray wants to eat more slices then that's fine because I don't want the leftovers calling me anyway!!!!! NOT that I plan on getting fast food again soon, just for down the road. I'm hoping remembering how full and crappy I feel right now will keep me away from it a while...

Didn't get to sleep till LATE last night. But I got up at 8:45am and had no naps today. I will be up late again, but no bringing ANYONE ANYWHERE in the morning :) So I will sleep till a decent hour and hopefully be back on schedule! Last ate at about 7pm. I have to make sure I don't eat anymore tonight. If I get hungry I will have an apple :)

I have been craving these Beaumont Iced Coffees for a couple weeks now. It is the delicious but way cheaper version of a Frappuccino. All of a sudden Aldi's doesn't have them anymore, probably because people found out about them and buy them all as soon as they hit the shelf! Finally today when I wasn't even looking for them, they were there :) I got 14 of them LOL. Oh I was tempted to buy even more, but I didn't lol. So I over indulged and had 2 today, but I want to make them last so I will try for less then one per day now.

Treadmill: 26 minutes/ 1 mile   8 minutes of that with 2 LB weights
Crunches: 120 (60, 30, 30)
Side bend/stretch: 30 to each side
At least I'm back in the GET ON THE TREADMILL NO MATTER WHAT mindset :) Six days and counting! and a little extra exercise :) Woo Hoo!
I'm off to watch the owl cam some more, so exciting! :)


  1. Color me silly. I did get the message! Nothing like seeing my name in big capital letters to wake me up! Haha.

    For some crazy reason my blog won't let me embed comments below my posts. I don't know why! I thought, maybe, just maybe, it would have been fixed so I changed it a couple of weeks ago to the embed version. Apparently it didn't work! Thank you for bringing it to my attention and it should work now!

    Btw...the other night I was up at 4am watching those little guys putting their toes out on the ledge...waiting with bated breath to see what they were going to do. They still hadn't taken the jump last I checked...but then I haven't looked today, yet!

  2. Ahh! IT WORKED! I'm so glad you got my message :) I was hoping you would, and that the Big Bold name would help LOL.

    Cool, I hope it's fixed. And if not- know that people ARE reading it and routing for you in your weight loss and the other parts of life you write about :)