Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

to all of you moms out there, for all you do.

You may know that me and my Mom do not always get along or see eye to eye... or seem to be from the same planet for that matter.... but she is my Mom, and I do love her very much. She made dinner today, and that's where we spent most of Mother's Day.
My son gave me a card he made at school :) My fiance made me breakfast, did some dishes, and posted a really sweet message on his facebook :) So my day was great. My eating? Not so much...

Again, there is no excuse. No good reason for me to throw away what I have worked for and eat like this, and drink pop. All I can say is that it all ends now. Tomorrow I weigh in for Monday, and it will be a gain. This time I am sure of it. BUT I will be back on track anyway and do even better then before I got sick!!! Get back to counting calories and ONLY ONE :) It will be great lol.

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices 2% cheese on 2 halves of a bagel, 6 oz orange juice
Snack: about 15 taco doritos (at mom's) and about 10 cheese its
Dinner: 1 piece of cheese covered garlic bread, 3/4 cup of pinto beans and cheese, 2 servings of Mom's cheesy, Mexican, rice... stuff, about 10 oz cherry coke
Dessert: strawberry short cake with real strawberries, whip cream and ice cream
Drink: 1 can Mtn Dew
Total Water: about 6 oz  :(


  1. I have been really slacking lately, and find myself wanting to graze. Too many small bad choices have been snowballing on me. Still doing way better than I used to eat, but I am not happy with it. So, it ends. More walking, more pushups, less food, and better choices for me!

  2. Sounds like me, better then before 2010. Even though mine may be better then before, it's still unexceptable (ESPECIALLY today). But it ends today!

    A new day for both of us, Wooo Hooo! Let's do this! :)

  3. Hi Tina! Hey, didnt you hear? For Mothers Day only, ALL foods have ben declared calorie free!!! So, start dieting again tomorrow. Thanks babe for your comments on my mom situation. I will try to say something to her. Even if she is a little hard to say those kind of things to. Tina I love your, "Mom, its not Mothers Day, so...". You are so clever and funny! xxxooo

  4. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that non of that had calories!!!! Yay!!!! :)
    lol, thanks! I can be clever once in a great while I think... haha. Just don't want you to wish later that you had said those things... I think that's important :)
    Thanks so much for your comments Michaela!!!