Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Check In

This is gonna be really quick. I'm not at home and these idiot people have my computer and I can't get it back tonight. More on that tomorrow.

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: McDonald's- The breakfast,(sausage, egg, pancakes, biscuit, 1/2 hashbrown) and a frappe
Dinner: Taco bell- cheesy gordita crunch, 89 cent nachos, 3/4 burrito, about 6 oz mtn dew
Total water: about 25 oz
and about 10 oz gatorade
I'm so pissed and stressed out today. More on this tomorrow.
I'll probably be fine by the time I tell you bout it :)
Hope everyone is having a good day :)
Treadmill: 26 minutes/1 mile


  1. Hey babe, I hope its all better now. I ate 2 pieces of pizza yesterday. Glad I managed to stop at 2. My son busted his hand punching the school bully and he had to have emergency surgery on it. So by the time we got home it was very late. There was an entire pizza waiting there. Mmmmmmm....PIZZA! Luv ya, hope u r back on your own computer soon xxxooo

  2. I am so much better today thanks :)
    Ahh! Pizza is my biggest problem, good job on only having 2!
    Wow, I hope your son is ok, it's good he stood up to the bully though right? I hope all is well!