Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe the Buffet wasn't the Best Idea

This is one of my cats, her name is Gza, and she also has a bit of a weight problem. She got on the new scale today and weighs 14 pounds... she looks like she ate at that buffet too!

So Today was Monday and the dreaded weekend is over... but I had a huge challenge. I went to our FAVORITE restaurant. It's a Chinese place called Abacus and we got the buffet. I don't have any good news about it... just that it was delicious...
It's hard to believe but I actually did do better then my usual- but still NOT GOOD at all. It is just sooo good. Even though I did smaller portions, I guess I didn't do well controlling myself. It took me FOR EVER to figure out the calories... and I'm still not sure how close I am... but I searched the Internet and found the closest dishes i could, (mostly the same things- just different Chinese places) and did the best I could... and it's not pretty! But to be honest- I enjoyed the meal, and went on to have a great rest of the day.

My fiance, my son and I went to the store. Most of the bills are all payed up so we did a little shopping :) Among other things, I invested in my weight loss by getting a scale for my food like Tessa was telling me about some time ago. This will help a lot with counting calories. I also finally got a digital scale! I'm pretty happy about that... NOT happy that is shows me 3 LBS heavier then my old one, but oh well :) I'm sure it is accurate. Now there will be a decimal in my weight! Wooo Hooo!!!! haha.

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: (110) 8 oz orange juice
Lunch: (1596) Abacus Buffet- 2 plates, all together consisting of (my best estimating) 1 cup of egg fried rice w veggies, 8 small battered chicken pieces with sesame chicken sauce, 1/2 cup of broccoli chicken, 1/8 cup of Mongolian beef w onions and peppers, 1 meatball, 5 crab rangoon w 3 tbs sweet and sour, 1 egg role, water... AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PAIR TREE (lol not really)
Dinner: (330) Romain and spinach salad with 1 1/2 tbs ranch, 1/8 cup cheddar, 3 tbls croutons. 2 bite size pizza rolls, 1 cup FF skim milk.
Total Water Today: 46 oz (that food makes me SO thirsty)
Total Calories Today: 2036
So not the BEST start for Tessa's challenge... but it's ok. Surprisingly I did stay right around the 2000 mark (because I was full and didn't really eat much else!) I'm very exited and motivated to do better :) I am not mad at myself... but it might be a good idea to stay away from there until I really DO have my eating better under control...
Treadmill: 20 minutes (.67 mile)

Well... Maybe I shouldn't have posted that picture of Gza... she looks embarrassed...


  1. LOL. Your cat pictures are too cute.

    I'm glad your not going to let a little splurge get you down, it won't help any to beat yourself up and all in all it doesn't look THAT bad considering you had a light rest of the day.

    Today is a new day, you can do this.

  2. Thanks Barbara! You're right, today is a new day :)

  3. Yep, today is ALWAYS a new day, so important to remember. I could never have gotten to where I am now from 360 lbs to 317, without remembering that. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Tina. It helps to have support, the more, the better, IMO.

  4. Tina, I love the pics of your kitty. I miss mine so much. She was almost 14 when she went to kitty heaven and she's with me everyday in my thoughts. Tomorrow dawns a new day and today will be in the past. If we learn one thing from each oops we have then the oops was not a total failure. I have to be really careful if I eat out or I can go off on a total binge for days afterwards. I really try to avoid eating out and if I do I definitely stay away from smorgs. I have learned to tell people that I am allergic to certain foods on the smorgs cuz they make me fat. It not only gets a laugh but then they realize I'm serious. Good job!!!

  5. Thanks Byron and Tessa!
    I'm sorry about your kitty Tessa :( I know how that is too. I had one go to kitty heaven. My oldest now is 11, and thankfully he seems healthy and I hope he's around for a long time.