Friday, April 16, 2010


And the scale says...
That is a loss of 1.2 pounds for the week...30.6 total!
Know what else?
I am out of the 290s! FOREVER!!! Woo Hoo!!!
My Totals for the week are:
Treadmill: 3 hours 48 minutes/ 8.04 miles (new week distance record)
Crunches: 400
Of course I am very happy right now, but his was actually the 3rd week in a row I was afraid I might gain. I'm tired of worrying about that! 
I guess all my walking paid off :) Now I just have to keep my eating under control and I'll loose even more! Yeah! No more worrying about gaining for me! I'm back on the wagon! lol. I've lost 30 pounds, it's a big number. And 40 is an even BIGGER number. 40 pounds here I come!

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: (415) leftover tuna helper and one slice of whole wheat toast w 1/3 tbs country crock, 1 cup FF skim milk
Snack: (280) about 1 1/2 cups Honey Smacks with 1 cup FF skim milk
Lunch: Nothing (was napping, didn't sleep well last night)
Snack: (90) Quaker low fat oatmeal raisin granola bar
Dinner: (551) 1 1/4 cup Chicken Stir fry (used frozen stir fry veggies- red, green, yellow peppers and onions. kikkoman stir fry sauce) with 1 cup brown rice. 1 cup FF skim milk
Snack: (50) a couple more bites of dinner as I put it away
Snack: (280) 1 1/2 cups of Honey Smacks with 1 cup ff skim milk
Drink: (200) Beaumont Iced coffee- french vanilla
Total Water: 20 oz (not enough, I know)
Total Calories: 1866

Went and got my son's hair cut today. Literally right next door is a Little Caesars. It's a dreary windy day, felt pretty blah, and thought of how easy it would be to "pick up a large pizza, bread sticks and sauce for only 7.99..." (yeah, exact words of the sign lol) BUT I didn't do it! I thought of how happy I am to have lost over 30 pounds, AND how I would have to write and tell you all what I had done LOL. So I didn't give in!
I came home and made dinner, and it was pretty good if I do say so myself! In fact, my son even liked it! (It's a little hard to get him to eat many veggies that aren't from a can) I got seconds that I really didn't need, but still less calories then if I would have had the pizza!
I have to say I'm not in love with the brown rice, it's my first time making it... I'll go through this bag before I give up on it though :) I'll compare it with white rice, and the health benefits will probably win me over. I don't have any white rice now so I'm not sure what differences there are, but I'll check it out.

Treadmill: 22 minutes/.77 mile  5 minutes w 2LB weights
I think I know why it's been so hard to get on the treadmill. I have to FORCE myself every night lately. I think it's because I have been waiting to long! I'm tired and don't want to do it, I have to get back to doing it earlier in the evening while I'm watching something, don't know why I haven't been the last few days...


  1. Congrats! Both for the weight loss, and for resisting Little Ceasar's. I know how hard that can be. Now that you've done it once, next time it will be easier to say no. Knowing you've hit the 30lb mark will help, too!

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks!
    I really think your right, now that I actually said NO for once, it will be easier :)

  3. Good news being out of the 290's....YOU CAN DO IT. WooHooooooo!

    Margie M. writes at:

  4. I know, I'm so exited! Every little bit takes me Further and further away from the 300s! Wooo hooo!
    Thanks Margie!!!