Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh Well

My mom is stressing me out... you know, it's so funny how people can be SO different. I mean, sometimes I think I must be adopted.
My family is my life, and there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for my child... and then there's people that just don't see it that way... I know, she's bipolar, but sometimes that just isn't enough of an excuse for me... sometimes I just think it's just plain selfishness... I mean, I'm used to it, and have got pretty desensitised to it I guess... but when she lets my son down, it really pisses me off. I just think, my God- she messed up so bad with her own kids, you'd think she would be grateful to even be in my son's life. But no... that's just not how she thinks i guess...
I'm a phone call away. An email away, a text away, a yahoo messenger away... but she can't take the time for any of that... even though she is sitting there doing absolutely nothing...just let my son wonder... he was counting on visiting today... but obviously he's not going to since it is 11:42pm... and she never did answer my text... oh well.
OH! WAIT! Maybe she is busy! I forgot, she is addicted to playing poker online... yes, now I see what is so important she can't ever call here... yes, very important indeed.
Maybe it's for the best. I'm sure she will expect to make it another day, tomorrow if it's convenient for her... who cares what our plans are... I wouldn't have a problem at all, telling her no, but he will want to go over there... I'd rather he just stay home...
Sorry, rambled a little there. That's just what's on my mind...

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Ordered out- 1/2 an order of chips and cheese deluxe(about 11 chips, cheese, taco meat- this place ALSO has NO Tomatoes) medium chocolate malt, soft chicken taco
Snack: about 1 1/2 cups of lucky charms with 1 cup of FF skim milk
Snack: half a pop tart- cookies and cream
Dinner LATE: egg salad(1 egg,one egg yoke son didn't like, 1 tbs miracle whip) on 1 slice of white bread
Total Water: about 41 oz
I know, another mess of a day.
Treadmill: 27 minutes/1 mile  6minutes of that with 2 LB weights
Crunches: 120 (2 sets of 60)
I woke up with my ear all clogged up and a head ache. Me ear cleared up after a shower but now it kind of hurts... I hope I don't have a ear infection or something... My head still hurts... I'm in an ok mood, just a little stressed. I don't feel like counting calories tonight.
Tomorrow I need to get back to eating better! Or I will gain for sure! It might already be to late, Friday might be my first gain since I've started this blog... ugh.

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