Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A GREAT Day, if you don't count the eating...

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way. We were out and about for a good 5 hours, and I stopped at Burger King. I only got a whopper though. BUT at the next stop I did grab some funyuns... so lunch was pretty unhealthy. For dinner was leftovers from Hungry Howie's, but less then half of what I ate last night... I'm trying to see the positive side, but honestly- I did pretty bad eating again, no doubt about it.

Here's My Day:
Breakfast: (140) Fiber One Bar- chocolate Mocha and water
Lunch: (810) Whopper -onion(still have no tomatoes, is this shortage everywhere?), about 1/2 bag of Funyuns, 2 fries, water
Snack: (140) about 1/2 bag of Funyuns
Snack: (42) 1 snickers mini
Dinner: (542) Leftover Hungry Howie's- 1/4 turkey club sub(no mayo), 2 small cheese sticks, iceberg mix salad with 1 tbs light ranch and 1/8 cup mozzarella cheese. Water
Snack: (75) 1/8 cup of starburst jelly beans
Snack: (420) 36 biscuits (1 1/2 servings) of frosted mini wheats with about 1 1/2 cups of FF skim milk
Total Water: 60 oz
Total Calories: 2169
Now to the good parts of the day :)
I got my new camera, and so far I like it! I'm so happy! I LOVE to take pictures, and I had this nice Kodak camera for about 2 years an I just loved it, until it started acting funny about a year ago. Now it just works when it wants to. It is SO stressful to me. I ordered another Kodak, when it came I was so mad. It was a cheap piece of plastic that didn't have near the features it should have for the price, I sent it back- disgusted. (I really don't see why everything cost more and more, and is made cheaper and cheaper... doesn't make sense to me!)
The one I got today is actually a GE, and I don't know anything about their cameras... but so far I really like it :) Now I have a camera that I know will stay on and work when I need it! The old Kodak was twice what I payed for this one, I hope this one last longer though!!!! (I bought a 2 year warranty lol) Wish me luck!

We had to go to JC Penny today, got my sons pictures taken. We are a little late on that, but better late then never! It's his 11 year old pics, he is getting so old...Even though he wanted to dress casual, and NOT get a hair cut, they came out real nice :) So then I had to go pick up the camera from Sears. It is on THE OTHER SIDE of the mall. I mean direct opposites lol. Since I parked right at the JC Penny portrait part, and the pick up was in the back of sears with convenient parking... it would make sense to drive around. BUT, I figured me and my son could use the exercise and we walked it :) It was a LOT of walking, at a good pace too since I didn't stop at any stores, but we did it! I'm proud of myself for that. Just so you know, I NEVER go to the mall. I haven't went and walked around the mall in a few years, because I couldn't walk that much anymore! But now I know I can :) and that feels great.
This is My son, my World  :)
My son didn't put up a fight about walking either, wanna know why? For Easter we got him this new Pokemon game for his Nintendo DS. It comes with a "pokewalker." It's pretty much a pedometer, and it allows him to put a Pokemon from the game in and walk with it. The more time he spends walking with it, the more experience points it earns because of the time he spent with it! When he gets home he transfers the data to his game, so it's like he accomplished something!!! Haha, those of you without children into Pokemon, might not think this is as awesome as I do LOL. But I really think it is SUCH a great idea, especially if you want your child to get some more exercise. I told him he can't bring it to school, so he'll have to walk around outside after he's home or go on the treadmill :) I just love it, if you can't tell LOL. haha, WOW, I should get payed for promoting Nintendo LOL...

All the walking I did today, made me tired. I was a little worried about my biggest looser walk. Usually on Tuesdays I make sure I don't over do it during the day so I can walk a long time at night, NOT today! But I got on the treadmill anyway and hoped for the best! As I was walking, I realized that I would come close to 3 miles if I just did a little more then last week. So that was my goal- 3 miles! During 3 commercial breaks I sped it up and really pushed my self and then walked faster then usual the rest of the time. And I did it!!! 3 miles!!! AND another longest walk record for my biggest looser walks, well ANY walks on the treadmill lol.
Treadmill: 87 minutes/3MILES!
(If may seem to take me a long time, but I am very short- and 291 pounds so cut me some slack LOL)

Ok, now for MORE good news... NOT that anyone cares, but today my period was GONE... I had a 4 day period!!! Maybe that's not a big deal to you, but it is to me! I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had a 4 day period. They are always LONG and HORRIBLE and PAINFULL... with out to much detail- just know that I had a 48 day period in January, and then a 9 day one in February, nothing in March, now this 4 day one... if they actually become normal and 4 days becomes the norm- I will be the happiest person on earth!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that's enough for now. I am exhausted, a good exhausted :)
Being so happy makes me think something bad is about to happen... cause that's how it usually goes for me... but I am going to stay positive and hope that's not the case :)
See you tomorrow!

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